Parenting the Baby of the Family

I find the Birth Order Book  by Keving Leman very interesting. I especially, right now, find his chapter on the youngest child and how to parent them very interesting. After reading… View Post

Parenting the Middle Child

Kaitlyn is my middle child. But in some ways, I have no middle child. She is the oldest girl and therefore the “functional oldest.” Despite that, I often see things… View Post

Birth Order and Two-child Families

  If you currently have two children or plan to have two children total, the chapter on parenting the two child family is just right for you. Leman discusses some… View Post

Parenting First Borns and Oldest Children

I find The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman to be very interesting on many levels. As an indvidual, I find it interesting to get some insight into why I… View Post

Parenting All Birth Orders

  In The Birth Order Book, Kevin Leman has a chapter for parenting each birth order, but before he gets to those, he starts with a chapter for tips that… View Post

Birth Order: The Youngest Child

The youngest child is a place in the family that holds a special place in my heart. As an oldest, I have this sense of responsibility over a youngest. My… View Post

Birth Order: The Middle Child

There are lots of stereotypes out there on the middle child. Jan Brady ring a bell? “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” In The Birth Order Book, Leman states, “It is quite normal… View Post