Birth Order: The Middle Child

There are lots of stereotypes out there on the middle child. Jan Brady ring a bell? “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!” In The Birth Order Book, Leman states, “It is quite normal… View Post

Birth Order: The Only Child

For anyone who has been reading this blog for about 1.5 years or more, you might faintly remember posts I started on The Birth Order Book by Kevin Leman. My… View Post

Making Children Mind…Siblings Fighting

What you must not do when your children fight or argue. Tips for how to respond to siblings fighting and how to prevent siblings from fighting. Brayden (4) and Kaitlyn(2)… View Post

Making Children Mind…Chores and Allowance

Should you have official “Chores”? What about an allowance? What are the benefits of making things official or not with chore and allowance? I don’t usually like to write about… View Post

Discipline is Not Instant Gratification

Discipline takes time. When you are correcting your child and trying to change behaviors, remember change takes time. Be patient through the process. My favorite point in Making Children Mind… View Post

Making Children Mind…Show Love

How you can make your children mind by showing them love. How love is a powerful discipline tool. Show your child love and you can have better obedience. In Making Children… View Post

How To Avoid Being the “Super Parent”

Reasons why you need to avoid being overly involved as a parent and how this relates to discipline and raising your children to mind and obey. One of my favorite… View Post