A Mother’s Impact on Her Daughter

  Being a mother can be difficult. It is hard enough to just get through the day-to-day cooking, cleaning, running errands, bathing, dressing, etc. without adding in the stresses of… View Post

Fighting the Body Image Battle for Our Daughters

  My mom hated her birthdays. She did not like to have birthdays and didn’t like to be celebrated. I remember her crying many years. Why, you may wonder? Did… View Post

Fighting the Body Image Battle

  This post contains affiliate links. This does not increase your cost at all.  In 1970, the average age a girl started dieting was fourteen. By 1990, the average age… View Post

Body Image

Oh body image! Isn’t this just such a hard thing? I really feel very strongly about trying to help children have a fighting chance at positive body image. I grew… View Post