Love Language: Gifts

  I promise I did not plan this. How perfectly did that work out that gifts ends up being our topic today?   In The Five Love Languages of Children,… View Post

Love Language: Quality Time

Quality Time is my own personal love language, so it is the one I understand the best–at least from my own perspective. It is the third love language discussed in… View Post

Ideas For Showing Words of Affirmation

I forgot to add this to the post last week, and I think it must be added. Here are some concrete ideas for ways to show words of affirmation: Put… View Post

Love Language: Words of Affirmation

  This is the love language of both my husband and my son. This is the second love language discussed in The Five Love Languages of Children. Words of Affirmation… View Post

Love Language: Physical Touch

The first love language discussed in The Five Love Languages of Children is Physical Touch. The idea of physical touch is probably pretty straight forward. It is also probably quite… View Post

Unconditional Love

The Five Love Languages of Children talks about the need for unconditional love toward your children. You might be squinting your eyes and thinking, “Of COURSE I love my children… View Post

Children Need To Feel Loved in Their Own Way

When it comes to showing love to your children, you need to show love in a way that is meaningful to your individual child. Learn how in this post.  Do… View Post