The Five Love Languages of Children Book Review

Review of the book 5 Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman. Is the book worth reading? Is it worth owning? Find out if you should read it.

5 Love Languages of Children book

I recently finished reading The Five Love Languages of Children by Chapman and Ross. It is awesome! I really think every parent should at least read this book–preferably own it. Yes, of course, there are things I don’t agree with in the book. I think the only book I have read where I agree with everything is scripture :). It is overall very great.

This book talks about love and why it is so important. It talks about how different people feel love differently. It talks about the five languages and gives ideas on how you can show love using that love language. It gives tips on discovering your child’s primary love language. It talks about how to discipline in light of love language. It talks about how to teach your children in light of the love languages. It talks about anger management. It discusses single-parent families. It also has a section on love languages and marriage.

Some of you might have The Five Love Languages for adults and have used it in your marriage. You might be wondering if this book would be useful if you already own that one. Absolutely yes! It is very specific to children. It tells you how to raise children who are “multi-lingual” and can speak and recognize all the languages. Think of how useful that will be for your child in the future as a spouse and a parent! Even the marriage section was interesting to me, and I own the marriage book (I have reviewed it on this blog; see the book recommendation link for more).

I will discuss some of my favorite points of this book in future posts. This book is 100% worth your time reading it, and if you can afford it at all, I think it would be a valuable parenting book to have in your library.

Take note that this book is for up to age 12. There is a separate book for teenagers.


5 thoughts on “The Five Love Languages of Children Book Review”

  1. hanks for the book recommendation! I will definitely put it on MY Christmas list! When we first got married my DH and I read the original Five Love Languages, the first one for couples, and we loved it! We still talk about it to this day. Mine is quality time and my husband's is words of affirmation. Can't wait to figure out what Sophia's is. I don't think it is going to be physical touch – she gets mad when you kiss her :-). We do it anyway. 🙂

  2. I own this book! It is great! It has brung tears to my eyes several times, for personal reasons! I bought it about 3 years ago at a family seminar at our church! It's great..I too recommend it!-Jennifer

  3. Redheads, Your family is like mine! Those are our love languages, and Brayden's is not physical, although as he gets older, he cares more about physical touch.

  4. I've just read the book. It's a great book because it tells how to discipline with love which is so crucial for raising good kids. :)highly recommend it too!


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