Babywise Success Story after Attachment Parenting

One mom’s story of what it is like to parent a baby with Babywise vs. Attachment Parenting. What are the differences?

Mom and baby on tummies smiling at each other

I am compiling all success stories shared this year to make one nice success story post. We all can then have a place to come to when we wonder if things will get better and if the work is all worth it.

Before that post is up, I wanted to share this success story. This was from a woman who wants to be referred to only as “M.”

Babywise vs. Attachment Parenting

“I am a second time mom. [With] My first baby I used attachment parenting by the books (all the Dr. Sears books) for my son who is 10 years old now. I was also a La leache member! I just had my second baby and read baby wise while pregnant. I was amazed there was a different easier way than the route that 10 years ago exhausted me into a very depressed doubtful mommy. Now I am full of confidence and my life is amazing. It is not just the difference in babies (like everyone keeps saying) it is the schedule and sleeping!

Your blog is all I read and was very helpful to me as a breastfeeding mom who never heard of or could find information about breastfeeding on a schedule. My son is doing so well and so am I. I really want you to know how much it meant to me that you did your blog when at times I was afraid to do the polar opposite of what I did with my first son. Having you and your honesty was better than talking to my breast or bottle feeding friends, or friends whose kids are so old they do not remember. My son is 4 months and so happy! My whole family is so happy and it is in part because of you-a stranger who helps others.”

I loved this story and hearing from a mom who has parented in two very different ways. For her, Babywise is proving to be a better parenting philosophy. I do believe there is no one right way to parent, but I obviously also love Babywise. It is always good to get positive feedback with all of the bashing that goes on out there.

While I am compiling success stories, if you have any that you think could help bolster other moms, please share. Also, thank you for all of the thank yous. This blog does take a lot of work, but I am always happy to do it to help moms out there be the best moms they can be while raising this generation of babies and children. The thank-yous help make my efforts all worth it. So thank you!

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