Summer Break 2013


Time for a summer break! I will be taking this week off to spend more time with my family.


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For those who are new to the blog, July is a bit different. This what July will look like:


July 8-12: Babywise Friendly Networked Blogs week. We will be blog hopping around our networked group of blogs. 


July 15-19: Babywise Success Stories week–written by you readers!


July 22-26: Reader week. You share your favorite things, your blogs, etc.


July 29: Normal schedule starts back up.


Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Summer Break 2013”

  1. I have a question (although I hope you will enjoy your vacation before looking at it). I am a mom of 3 boys, breastfeeding my youngest who is 4 months old. I worry about my milk supply, which was never very good with my first two Babywise boys. Now my youngest seems ready to switch to a 4 hour schedule but I am afraid that will dry me up! I have taken to feeding him 2 or 3 times in a 2-hour wake time to keep my number of feedings high. Do you see any longterm problems with this? Do you have a better solution? Maybe I should keep him on a 3-hour schedule? I don't nurse him to sleep so he is pretty good at self-soothing. He's just nursing lots, which we both like. What is the rationale behind the strict eat-waketime-sleep divide?

  2. A potential problem would be if he isn't hungry enough to take a full feeding. If he is happy and diapers seem good then it should be fine. You might find issues once you start solid foods–he might not be hungry enough for solids. However, if he is growing well and content, that isn't a real problem.Be sure to also try different supplements that help nursing moms–malt, fenugreek, mothers milk tea, etc. Lots of water. You can also add a pumping right before you go to bed if/when he is STTN.

    • Hi! I'm new to Ur blog and just started to do baby wise technique on my almost 3 month son. My first born so I am learning as I go. My problem is that it seems that my baby won't go to sleep unless I feed him to sleep. Then I lay him down on his tummy so he will sleep soundly. I don't lay him on his back because with his hands he always seems to stardle himself awake. So my mom suggest the tummy since she raise her 4 kids like that. Anyway, he sleeps in a cradle right next to my bed. I live in a studio I'm worry this will become a problem when I start work next week and can't always feed him like before. Will my baby sitter always have to feed him before sleep to get him to rest? Will I ? He's been very fussy at night crying as soon as I put him down. So I been letting him cry himself to sleep. Please help! Any advice is worth the suggestion.

  3. Thanks for your response, Valerie. My neighbor and I have been reading your blog for years and when I told her I had asked your advice … well … we acted like I had been talking to a movie star! And given the respect we have for you, having your "ok" meant a lot.An update: my baby is doing great! I switched him back to the 3-hour schedule and try to feed him a couple of times in his Wake Time. I can feel a substantial difference in my milk supply and it doesn't seem to have affected his sleep. He still wakes up once in the night to eat most nights but I can be patient with that. He definitely seems happier and heavier than my other kids were, which makes me feel pretty sure that feeding him more is the right thing to do.Thanks!


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