Brayden Teen Summary: 17.5 Years Old

All about a 17.5 year old teenage boy. Teen life for a boy and a typical daily schedule and life who was raised on Babywise.

17 year old Brayden

This is a summary for Brayden from 17.25-17.5 years old.

Having a senior in high school is really surreal.

There are so many “lasts” that happen. You know they are the last.

You don’t really have this many known lasts in one year other than the baby time.

As your kids get older, there are a lot of lasts along the way. One is a last time they sit in your lap. The last time you brush their teeth. The last time you tuck them into bed.

But you don’t know those are the lasts. You just look back one day and realize you aren’t doing it anymore.

Then you get a senior and you have a lot of lasts. And a lot of unknown.

We hosted Brayden and his group for homecoming dinner. As we got to know the kids, I noticed one of the boys had asked a senior girl to the dance.

Then I realized…they are all seniors! Ack!


Brayden is enjoying his senior year. He is very busy with student government, clubs, and concurrent enrollment classes.

As juniors and seniors always do, he has gotten loads of mailers from universities all over the nation. He has a chosen university and has a full scholarship offer from it. He will start there two years after graduation because he will serve a two year mission for our church first.

The mission definitely makes a lot of “lasts” feel more “last.” Last Thanksgiving. He won’t be here next year. Last Christmas. Again, not here. Of course he will come back, but big changes are ahead.


Reffing has been great for Brayden. He even started reffing some college men’s soccer games this fall. Reffing isn’t easy, but it is very financially lucrative.


Piano is going really well. Brayden loves playing the piano.


Here is the outline of his typical school day. He mentioned that the schedules on here make it look like the days are more rigid than they are. I would say that on school days, they really are pretty rigid overall. School starts at the same time and ends the same time.

But of course with any schedule you look at, understand that the times are the goal. If he aims to leave for school at 7:30 AM, that is the time that will be listed on the schedule. But if he is ready at 7:25, he might leave then. If he isn’t ready at 7:30, he might be leaving at 7:35. There can always be some flex in schedules.

7 AM–Wake up. Get ready for school.
7:30 AM-Leave for school.
3:00 PM-Get home from school. Maybe.
5 PM–Dinner time.
Bed at some point.

As far as bed goes, he is really consistent about it and sets his own time for going to bed. I am not sure what that is exactly.


17.5 year old teen routine

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  1. I wanted to cry reading this. Wasn’t Brayden a baby yesterday? You have a handsome, responsible young man on your hands there. I know you’re proud. ❤️


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