The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist


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As a parent and as
an adult, you know how important it is to care for your teeth and
care for your child’s teeth. After all, good dental hygiene can help
you have healthy teeth and gums and can also help ensure you reduce your risk
of other illnesses, such as heart disease.

When it comes to
dental care, choosing the right dentist is very important. Some people choose a
pediatric dentist for their child and then a different dentist for themselves,
and while this can work, it’s not always the best option. Having a
family dentist instead of multiple dentists could be beneficial for your family, and
here’s why:

You will build a relationship.

When you have a
family dentist, you will build a relationship with your dentist. With small
children, your child will be able to grow up with the same dentist, and this
provides a sense of trust. It also means your child doesn’t need to find
another dentist as they get older, and this can be extremely rewarding for your
child. Plus, when a dentist is involved with your entire family, it provides a
better sense of trust and respect over the years that you’ll come to

You can receive a nice discount.

Even with
insurance, dentists often apply discounts when applicable. With a family
dentist, you may end up receiving discounts for having multiple people attend
the same office. If you have a large family, this discount can be extremely
beneficial to your budget.

Aside from
discounts, your family dentist may also be more likely to work out a payment
plan with you for more expensive procedures. For instance, if they know that
you will come back on a regular basis, they will be more willing to break a
large payment down into smaller increments to help you make your dental care
more affordable.

You have a better sense of family history.

When a dentist
sees you and your children, they have a better sense of your genetics and
family history. This means they could recognize issues with your child’s mouth
or gums that others may not have noticed, only because it’s something that you
or your spouse had an issue with. Putting your children’s health in the hands
of someone who will take the time to provide them with extra care.

It’s less scary for little ones.

The American
Dental Association states that it’s a good idea to have your child start seeing
a dentist at age one, but many parents often wait until a child is older. When
your child is older, the dentist can be a scary place. However, if your young
child has been to that dentist’s office and has seen you or older siblings
receive treatment from that dentist, it can be less scary for them in the end.
This can make going to the dentist easier on young children.

They’ll work with you.

When you have a
family relationship with a dentist, the office will likely be more
accommodating to your needs. For instance, they may be more willing to work
around your schedule for procedures or fit in all of your children at one time.
In addition, if your
dental insurance were to change, many family dentists will
often find a way to still work with you in order to not lose your business. If
you want a dentist you can rely on, a family dentist is the right choice.

When it comes to
your family’s dental needs, choosing a family dentist provides you with plenty
of benefits you won’t find anywhere else. This is a sponsored post. 


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