The Ultimate School Supply List {Friday Finds}

Any links to Amazon are affiliate links.

School supply shopping time! This year, I did most of my school supply shopping on Amazon. When I just about clicked to finalize my order, my husband wondered if I might find things cheaper at Walmart. Maybe. Probably on some things, probably not on others. For the most part I went Amazon.


And I am glad I did. 




Because when I made my special trip to town to round off the school shopping Walmart was closed. Closed! Not their fault–power surge. But still closed. In the meantime, my Amazon products arrived on my front porch. 


See, I live far enough outside of “town” that I have to drive to town. Stores aren’t a block away. They are 10 miles away. I know–people live further. Guys, I have relatives who until recently had the nearest store 120 miles away. 


But my trip was made special for Walmart, and they were closed, so I am glad I went with Amazon for the bulk of it. So here is what was on our school supply lists from the teachers and what we got. This post contains affiliate links. 



I went with Crayola Crayons because I think they are the best. Now, THIS is something I should have bought at our grocery store because they have these boxes on sale right now for .50 cents. 



Again, Crayola. I went with the super tips so they are easier to use for coloring school projects. 


Colored Pencils

I went Crayola and went for the Crayola Twistables. These are very nice–they are like a cross between a crayon and a pencil. They don’t have to be sharpened, which is handy in a classroom for teacher sanity. Kaitlyn absolutely loves working with Twistables. They are one of her favorite mediums, and she is far more artistic than I, so I trust her judgement here.



Glue Sticks

I went with this big pack of Elmer’s glue sticks. On Amazon, you can often get a big package for the same price or cheaper than a much smaller package. This pack has 30 sticks, which is enough for each child to take some to school and for us to keep a few at home AND for me to give some to the teachers to have as extras. I like to donate things as much as possible. 



My kids’ favorite pencil is the Dixon Ticonderoga pencil. It is also the favorite of McKenna’s teacher this year. They sharpen nicely, hold up well, and the erasers actually work. I bought this case of them, which is a really good deal. Usually one box will cost $3-$4, and this gets you eight boxes for less than $14. Again, enough for each child, one for home for homework pencils, and to give teachers. 


Pencil Top Erasers

You can get a a pack of 144 pencil top erasers for very cheap off of Amazon. Again, enough for everyone!


Disinfectant Wipes

I like to give one of these disinfectant wipes  to each teacher each year. I am not particular on Clorox versus Lysol. I go with whichever I can get for less, and this year it was Clorox.


Hand Sanitizer

And we have the hand sanitizer. Again, I get enough to share with all of my children’s teachers. I want to make sure this is available in each of my children’s classrooms all year long. 



I like to give each teacher a box of tissues. I just figure if every parent could give one box of tissues, it would go a long way and save the teacher a lot of money. 


Toys for Recess

You might not think of toys when you are thinking about school supplies. Teachers love getting toys for children to play with at recess. Our school is moving to a retrofitted middle school this year, and the playground isn’t quite done. So I wanted to be sure to have items to donate for recess since the playground won’t be an option for a while. 


McKenna loves these skippers, so we got a pack of 6 swing balls for her class to have. Other fun ideas are dodge balls, soccer balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, basketballs, footballs, etc. Some schools might even allow sidewalk chalk. 


Water Bottles

I love for my kids to have water bottles in class if their teachers allow it because then they have a better chance of staying hydrated at school. This year, we are trying the Contigo Water Bottle. It rates very well, so we are giving it a try. I purchased this three pack so each child can have one (each child in school). I will report on them after we have used them long enough to know how well they work for holding up, washing, etc. 



This is an item I intend to purchase at a store in person. I want to get scissors larger than the little kid size (which is 5 inch). The size I like for McKenna, a second grader, is 7 inch from Friskars. This is a great size for second grade through sixth grade. I can get that on Amazon, but the colors vary, and she would rather choose her color. Second grade is the first year we purchase a pair of scissors for the kids to take to school. 


Pencil Box

A pencil box is another item I like to get in person. That way, I can touch it and be sure the quality is good enough for the price. 



We just get a lunch box in person, too. There are a lot on Amazon. Actually, so many that it is

overwhelming for me to scroll through. Sometimes there are just too many options. I have shared in the past that we typically buy a new lunch box every year. They just tend to get a little gross after a year of constant use. This past year, Brayden’s stayed in great shape since he is older AND since he often eats school lunch now. So he will re-use his old lunch box.

A folder is a very common need in school. We just bought one at the grocery store (since Walmart was closed! And guys, there is no Target in my area. I know, feel sad for me. Silver lining is, imagine the money saved). Folders are always so cheap at back to school time that I would go for the store rather than Amazon.

Notebooks are another very cheap item at stores at this time of year. We again bought our notebooks at the grocery store, which I usually do because our grocery store is cheaper than Walmart. I can get them for 5 for $1 at the grocery store. On Amazon, they are over a dollar each.

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  1. Krysten Traylor
    August 20, 2016 / 11:16 AM

    Wal-Mart is a special trip for me too. We live about 25 minutes away and because of my husband's work schedule my two kids, 3 and under, have to come with me. I do a lot of shopping on Amazon too because it's more convenient. We get detergent, baby wipes, cat food, toilet paper, and paper towels delivered from Amazon.

  2. Valerie Plowman
    August 23, 2016 / 10:04 PM

    Krysten,I seriously love Amazon. I don't know what I would do without it.

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