Kaitlyn Toddler Summary: 2.75 Years Old

Daily life, schedule, and routine for a 2.75 year old toddler. See how the toddler sleep was going and how eating was going. Read about tantrums and everything about toddler life.

2 year old Kaitlyn and her great-grandpa

Here is a current update on Kaitlyn and what is going on with her right now.


We have had some “developments” with her sleep over the last month or so. She sometimes doesn’t fall asleep for her nap. This is pretty rare, but never good. She isn’t terrible compared to how Brayden would get, but she is emotional on those days.

Kaitlyn had a few times of getting out of her room and coming to see me during nap time. That is something I didn’t want to relive. Brayden did it and I started off trying to be patient and understanding. I would take him back to bed and lovingly tuck him back in. With Kaitlyn, I told her to go right back to bed–alone. She did and things went back to her staying in her room. Knock on wood. I told my husband this is the beginning of the end. She is now on the road to dropping her one nap. It is a long, long road, but she is there.


Remember last time I talked about Kaitlyn’s picky phase? Well, I came to a conclusion. I have always been a bit, um, how shall I say it. Emotionally held hostage. I have always been a bit emotionally held hostage when it comes to Kaitlyn and food. Kaitlyn had reflux as a baby, and sometimes I see she has little flare ups in association with that. There are certain foods that are irritating to her. I have always let her get away with things I would never let my other two children get away with at meal times. I was even thinking about feeding her as a baby. I let her play with a toy, and if she dropped it, I picked it up for her. Over and over again. And over. And over. Again. Not so for the other two! If they drop/dropped something, they didn’t get it until meal time was over.

So during Kaitlyn’s picky phase, I wanted to make sure she ate food so I gave her other foods to eat if she didn’t like what we were having. But I, luckily, quickly saw I was going to create long-term problems if I didn’t change things.

I gave myself a little pep talk. Kaitlyn isn’t going to let herself starve. She is a smart girl. A very smart girl. Too smart. Give her her food. If she doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to eat it, but you aren’t a short-order cook.

For breakfast and lunch, we have food that Kaitlyn loves. For dinner, we have more variety to the menu and sometimes there are things she doesn’t like. I now just make sure there is at least one thing for dinner that I know she loves. I also make sure to pull things out if she doesn’t like something a certain way. Kaitlyn likes things bland. So if I am going to mix the pasta with something, I pull out a helping for her first. I removed my emotion from worrying about her eating, and she got much better. She ate what was available and is still alive three months later.


Kaitlyn’s teeth are all in. I am so glad. She worked on those molars solid from the end of August to the beginning of January. Poor girl.


Kaitlyn still doesn’t have pooping down. I am slowly working through ideas to help her out. Yesterday was her first day of napping without a diaper. She did well. She stayed dry. But she didn’t poop in the potty. We will see what the future brings.


Kaitlyn is doing great with siblings. Remember last time I talked about her being possessive of toys with McKenna? She still has things she doesn’t want McKenna to touch because “she will chew on it.” I think that is fair. I have things I don’t want McKenna to chew on, too. But she shares even her most prized toys with McKenna from time to time, so she is improving quickly. She really enjoys playing with McKenna now that McKenna is older. Kaitlyn loves to be admired, and there is no doubt McKenna admires 🙂

Kaitlyn and Brayden are still best friends.


Kaitlyn throws little fits more now than she ever has in life. She hasn’t really ever been a tantrum thrower. She is and always has been an amazing communicator. Really good. She is a more effective communicator than Brayden is–and he isn’t bad. She is just really good. I think that helps. Plus, she has always been a great sleeper. I think that is the biggest factor.

On days that she doesn’t nap, she is likely to have a meltdown over something. Kaitlyn’s fits are more of a pouty face and cute little eyes with tears streaming out that make you feel sad for her and you want to do whatever it is she needs…but of course, I am too experienced for that now. I am probably really blessed that Kaitlyn wasn’t my oldest child.

2 year old toddler schedule pinnable image


Times are approximate for the most part.

7:15–wake. Breakfast. Take a bath and get ready for the day.
8:15–sibling playtime with Brayden
9:15–help me with chores. Learning activity.
10:00–sibling playtime with McKenna
10:20–independent playtime
11:30–TV time
12:00–lunch. Free time
4:30–wake. Free time.
5:30ish–dinner followed by family time.
7:30-8:00–in bed