12 Chores Your Toddler Can Actually Do

Are you looking for some chores your toddler can do? Do you love the idea of your toddler learning to do chores, but you aren’t sure what she CAN do? I have the answers for you here.

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Did you know that toddlers can learn to do chores around the house?

Let’s be real. 99% of the time, any chore you have your toddler do will not be helpful to you. It will not make life easier. It will not remove anything form your plate.

You will likely need to re-do the chore in the future or else just be satisfied with how the job was completed.

It will probably take your toddler at least 5 times as long as you would take to do the task.

It can be very frustrating and difficult letting your toddler do chores.

And for a toddler, it is “letting.” Most toddlers want to do chores. A lot.

So with all of the difficulty that having, or letting, toddlers do chores brings along with it, why on earth would you want to let a toddler do chores?

Why Have Toddlers Do Chores

One reason why giving your toddler chores is a good idea is because your toddler wants to do chores. You are working with a willing participant!

You are able to start a habit and establish the norm around the house at an age when your child is eager to help around the house.

You start as you mean to go on.

Some day, your toddler will get bigger and more capable and will become a child who is good at chores and who does actually contribute around the home.

I can promise you that the day comes that they are good at their chores. That is a great day.

You will literally need the help of your children in the future if you want to be able to do much more than clean up after the members of your family.

Starting with a toddler means you will have worked with that willing participant all those years ago so chores are just a thing. Normal life. As normal as getting dressed and brushing teeth each day.

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Benefits of Chores

Teaching and requiring chores has so many benefits for your child. Here are a some benefits of chores:

  • Chores teach responsibility
  • Chores teach accountability
  • Chores teach life skills
  • Chores help a child feel like a contributing member of the household
  • Chores help children have a respect for the home and the items in it
  • Chores teach time management skills
  • Chores teach children to work and develop work ethic
  • Chores prepare children for moving out someday and caring for their own home

There are many benefits to do chores. There have even been studies done that show children who do chores are more successful academically and in their careers. These benefits only happened if the child learned chores at a very young age (the study looked at age 3-4). So starting young is worth it!

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What Age To Start Chores

Start having your little one do chores at age two.

If you have an eager helper before age two, absolutely let him/her help out.

There is a secret word to keep in mind when you think of a two year old and chores.


The name of the game for a two year old is to help. A toddler is not going to be able to do a chore completely alone.

Anything you are doing, find a way to let your toddler help out.

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Chores for Toddlers

It can be hard to know for sure what chores your toddler can actually be expected to do. Again, remember the word “help.”

Here are some chores your toddler can help with. Always remember, you are looking for participation, not perfection. :

  • Dust
  • Put laundry away
  • Sort laundry
  • Unload silverware and put it away
  • Pick-up
  • Clean in preparation for vacuuming
  • Set certain aspects of the table (spoons and forks for example)
  • Clear the table
  • Clean up after self (things like putting shoes away–INVALUABLE habit to establish now)
  • Clean own room
  • Carry things to a room where they go (your toddler can be the “errand” person and place things in the room where they go and you can put those things away later)
  • Outside work. Pull weeds, shovel snow, water plants…there are several simple things your child can help with

Sometimes a checklist or chore card pack can be super helpful with chores. You can get this cute toddler chore pack from me. This digital download includes cards so you can create a pack and it also includes a simple chore chart you can print off. This purchase comes with instructions on how to create the chore card pack.


Toddler Chore Cards Pack


This list should give you a good idea of what to expect and what types of chores your little toddler is capable of. Stay positive and encouraging as your toddler works on these chores. You want the experience to be a positive one.

Give it a try, have patience, and remember that in the end, this effort will be worth it and you will be glad you took the time to let your toddler do chores.

12 Chores Your Toddler Can Do

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This post originally appeared on this blog in June of 2017

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  1. This is so helpful – and quite timely for me. Thank you!My 18-month-old daughter loves to help unload the dishwasher… she just hasn't figured out yet that we don't take everything out every time we open the dishwasher. :)She does 'help' fold her cloth diapers, though, by handing me and my husband diapers from the pile of clean ones. So cute – and we love to encourage this habit!


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