Top Helpful Parenting Debates Before Having First Baby


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Having baby is one of the best experiences in one’s life, not to mention its significant effects on the whole society.


Nevertheless, for couples, the decision of having baby might be complicated as it will make some heated debates, regarding every aspect of life. Let’s find out what you need to discuss with your partner before having a baby!


Top Parenting Debates Before Baby

The Right Time

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It is a crucial question to ask both of you, including yourself. Some people think that they are ready to have a baby, while in fact, they are not.

It is not all about a financial issue or biological clocks. Couples have to take everything consideration before deciding to have a baby. And there should be a checklist.

Ask yourself whether you can sacrifice some other important things, such as your interests, sports, classes, in life to take care of a baby. Do you want to spend all holidays and vacations together? Does a baby affect your career life?

Answering these questions honestly enables you to understand yourself and your partner better. Then, both of you can come up with a shared decision more easily.

Whose Duties

Who will be responsible for baby duties? This question was underestimated in the past as women were claimed to do everything.

Nevertheless, along with the progress in gender equality, it has become a heated debate, not only on the personal level but the social level as well.

Couples are now believed to share the baby duties together, such as changing diapers. This is also a way to deepen their relationship.

If you discuss this with your partner soon, the likelihood is that you can avoid helpless arguments later when you already have kids. It also protects your relationships from being affected negatively.

Choosing Name

This is one of the most important and difficult parts when you are going to have a baby. In the past, our grandparents could easily name us after numbers or celebrities. Meanwhile, nowadays we pay more attention to meaning.

The name has to be suitable, regarding spelling, your family name, meaning and your baby as well.

While many people prefer long names with several syllables, some easily pick up the name of one syllable. For example, some common one syllable boy names are Paul, Luke, Tom, Tim…, with which you probably know at least one person in your life.

You do not want your child to blame you for an unsuitable name later. Therefore, this is also one of the most controversial issues between parents.


If you both come from the same religion, then it is no longer a heated debate anymore. However, couples from different faiths often have to face a serious question: which religion do they teach their baby?

The ideal answer is that this discussion should be handled before you are married. It will prevent any strong debates later because both of us reach agreements already.

Some couples take part in more than one religion, and of course, they can let their children do so. They believe that the decision should be the children’s.

Besides, you can totally prefer a certain faith and teach your baby. You just need to be consistent with your choice and happy about it from then.

The key is that you should always respect and believe in your baby, regardless of their chosen religion.


Breastfeeding is one of the most important baby duties, and of course, women are in charge. However, some women are not comfortable or even not capable of breastfeeding because of their health conditions.

Thus, it is also another heated debate that any wife should discuss with their husband.

Undeniably, breast milk is the best source of nutrients for baby during the first months. This has been confirmed by many reliable studies and experts in the world.

It not only strengthens the bonds between mother and baby but also has significant effects on the baby’s brain and health.

Even though the formula is very popular nowadays and the market is full of choices, you should consider this issue seriously. It will affect your baby’s health directly.

If you are not comfortable with feeding baby in public, storage bags are an ideal choice.


Before having a baby, you have to discuss very thoroughly on discipline and how to educate your child. It is crucial if you prevent your baby from being too naughty or even worse in their later life.

And among the most controversial issues of discipline, spanking seems to gain much attention. According to many experts, spanking has unwanted impacts, and it is a feasible cause for violence and mental disorders.

However, if spanking is used in the right way, such as spanking camp, it will be effective to educate your child.


In a nutshell, there are many important factors to consider before pregnancy. Your health condition might not be the most important problem to take care of.

To prepare the best for the baby’s future, you have to know these discussions and be honest about everything.


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