Why I love Babywise

Here is a story from a mom who started Babywise, left Babywise, then came back.


I was 6 months pregnant when I first heard about BabyWise. One of my girlfriends from college had read BabyWise and followed it with her twin boys. She sang its praises- and I figured that if a mom of twins can do it and be soooo happy, then it’s definitely something that I need to look into.

I read BabyWise (the first book) twice before I gave birth to Elise in September 2009. I followed it as close as I could until Elise was about 3 months old. Over Christmas, when we were visiting my husband’s parents out of state, Elise came down with a double ear infection. She was so sick and miserable, and I felt so sorry for her that I held her all the time. I even went against BabyWise and started rocking her to sleep. Even after Elise got over her ear infection, I continued to rock her to sleep. And- as would be expected- she wasn’t sleeping through the night, she would cry when she woke up from naps, she wouldn’t go to sleep for anyone except me… I was miserable!! It wasn’t until Elise was 5 months old that I called my girlfriend who had suggested BabyWise and I cried to her because I was so upset. She suggested that I get back on track and start back on my schedule and STOP rocking Elise to sleep as soon as possible.
The very next day I did as she said. It took Elise three days to start getting herself back to sleep again. But now life is wonderful!!!! I put Elise in her crib for naps and she gets herself to sleep. I breast feed her before bed and she talks a little and then goes right to sleep. She doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night and sleeps from 8:00pm to 8:00am. My husband and I have our evenings to ourselves and it has helped us maintain a wonderful relationship!!!! The best thing for me about BabyWise is the schedule and routine so that Elise and I (and my husband) all know what to expect and are happy with our lives.
Sue Moseley

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