McKenna Teen Summary: 13.25 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 13.25 year old teen girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the teen age group. This covers 13 years old through 13.25 years old.

13 year old McKenna at Calfornia Adventure

This is a summary for McKenna from 13 years old to 13 years and 3 months old.


Sleep is good! McKenna has always been a great sleeper and has never really had sleep be an issue in her life.

One night early this summer, McKenna made the comment that she didn’t need to go to bed early since there was no school the next day.

I let her know that we would not be doing a total sleep schedule shift–meaning we would not go to bed two hours later every night and sleep in two hours later every day.

I asked her to think of a reasonable summer bedtime. Part of the fun of summer is being able to stay up and sleep in some and I am okay with that.

So she chose a bedtime and went earlier than I would have said. She went with 10 PM.


School was during part of this time. It went well! She has had the most enjoyable middle school experience of all of my kids so far. Brayden and Kaitlyn both had some restructuring of friends during the middle school years. While that was a great thing for them in the end, it was painful at the time.

McKenna made it through seventh grade only making more friends–not losing any.


During this time period, our family went to Disneyland and California Adventure. She enjoyed it and had fun! She is a person who likes thrills and isn’t ever scared–not that Disney is scary, but some rides can be a bit scary for some.


During this time, McKenna went to Young Women Camp with our church group. She had a lot of fun. They were able to do a lot of fun things and bond as a group.


During this time, McKenna also had a family reunion with Nate’s family. She was really great and very good with the little ones. She would take her 2 year old cousin and play with her for long periods.


As McKenna steps into official teenager years, she shows some teenage attitude every once in a while.

She doesn’t show it toward me or her dad, but she does toward siblings at times.

You might remember that McKenna was a very strong-willed toddler and preschooler. She has had a lot of experience learning to control her impulses and reactions.

I feel like this is paying off as a teenager. I can see her controlling herself when she feels frustrated. She already has the tools.

I share that to give some hope to those with strong-willed kids. Put in the work in those younger years. There can be bright spots in your future!

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During this time, McKenna still had soccer, piano, and voice lessons. She is enjoying them all!


Soccer had some difficult times.

Her coach decided to bring on guest goalies (her position) at times in upcoming tournaments and season games. His reason for this is that she has no competition and isn’t pushing herself.

It is a situation that is hard. It is emotionally and mentally hard for her.

But Nate and I see the wisdom in it and think it is a good idea, even though it is hard for her. It is a moment for her to decide how to respond.

So far, she is responding by working hard. In fact, her first practice after this happened she worked harder than she ever has. She got in the car and told me she did the best she ever had and she thought Trevor might have been surprised.

To his everlasting credit, he called Nate later that day to comment on how hard McKenna had worked and how impressed he was. She appreciated the feedback.

McKenna has always been bigger, stronger, and faster than kids her age. She is also athletic. It is VERY common for kids like that to be pretty lazy with sports and not put a lot of effort into getting better.

This has been true for McKenna.

So her having competition will be a very good thing for her growth so long as she takes it as an opportunity. So far she is.

A really fun thing is her team made it to a regional competition for soccer. They were able to go compete in Boise, Idaho for the Far West Regional competition. This is a very exciting accomplishment and fun thing to experience.


McKenna reffed rec soccer this past spring. She enjoyed it! It went well and she made good money. She isn’t able to ref competitive soccer until next year, but she looks forward to doing that when she can.


McKenna has started taking Accutane for her face. Her dermatologist gave her the option to take that or to continue with face creams.

The problem with face creams for McKenna is that it is a twice a day event that she needs to be consistent with. She just struggles doing that.

A great thing with Accutane is that you take it for a year and then acne is done.

This medication is heavily regulated, so she is required to pee in a cup once a month as a pregnancy test (it is dangerous if taken when pregnant). She is confused by this because of course she isn’t sexually active because she is only 13. Obviously. Bless her innocence.

This medication dries you out severely. She is so used to being very oily that being dry is very hard for her so far. She doesn’t like the feeling. She suddenly needs to use lotion and chapstick.

She is enjoying having her hair not so oily, though. She likes not having to use dry shampoo and to not look oily the next day. She can go several days without washing her hair with no issue.


Here is a typical schedule for a school day.

6:00 AM-Get up and get ready
7:00 AM-Go to school
3:10 PM-Get home from school
5:00 PM-Dinner. Family time. Activities. She often has a soccer practice.
8:30 PM-Get ready for bed
9:00 PM-In bed

The summer day is more like this.

8:00 AM–Average wake up time. She has soccer and piano in the mornings most mornings. If she has nothing, I will let her sleep until 9 AM.
12:00 PM–Lunch
5:00 PM–Dinner
10:00 PM–Bedtime


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