Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 13.25 Years Old

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13.25 year old Kaitlyn

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 13-13.25 years old.


Kaitlyn has been expanding her likes with food and liking more interesting flavors.

Yes, you read that correctly!

If you have followed Kaitlyn very closely, you know she likes pretty bland foods and could be called picky at times.

She had reflux as a baby that has continued to bother her to this day, so there are certain foods that just irritate her.

But her tastes are maturing and she is constantly trying new foods. She recognizes that she likes things she has always disliked, so she is trying out new stuff consistently to see what she likes now.


Sleeping has been great. Kaitlyn has never had trouble with sleeping.


School was fine. The school she did during this time was during quarantine. She didn’t love distance learning, but she was able to get through it quickly.

As far as going back to school, we pondered on this a lot and decided to go back to school. Kaitlyn didn’t want to spend her last year of middle school away from people and then go back to high school having grown distant from friends.

Who knows what will end up happening with school, but we are going to go back and see what happens. We will roll with whatever does.

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With all of the extra time Kaitlyn had on her hands, she was able to learn and pursue some new talents. She got a Ukelele for her birthday and taught herself how to play. Since she can play the piano, this was very simple.

She also started writing songs. This is something her piano teacher explores with each student.

He piano teacher decided to open up a song-writing competition among all of his students.

Kaitlyn ended up having a real knack for song-writing. She has always been an excellent creative writer and it turns out she is good at creating melodies, also.

And she won the competition! There are a lot of of students and they are all very talented, so it was an honor. It was judged by actual song-writers. She felt good about it.

She has written countless songs–she frequently writes one a day.

Brayden worked on her for a while and finally got her to agree to a YouTube channel.

Brayden and Kaitlyn are both putting up their original pieces on the channel. You can check it out here!

Musically Obligated YouTube Channel

One of her songs is the music behind her slideshow on this post.


These are the things Kaitlyn participated in during this time:

  • Piano lessons: She has been able to continue piano lessons via FaceTime.
  • Soccer: Soccer was on hold for a while, but was able to restart about a month into this time.


Our summer has been pretty relaxed. Most things have been cancelled. We had trips and soccer tournaments planned, but those were all cancelled.

We have enjoyed what we have been able to do and have enjoyed time at home.


Kaitlyn had two days a week she had to be up to leave by 6:30 AM for soccer practice and one day a week she started piano lessons at 7:15 AM.

Her other days were flexible. We followed a block schedule this summer:

Sample block schedule for summer for kids


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