McKenna Teen Summary: 13 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 13 year old tween girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the preteen age group. This covers 12.75 years old through 13 years old.

13 year old McKenna

This is a summary for Mckenna from 12.75 years old until 13 years old. During this period, she was still a preteen or tween.

I now have three teenagers all at once. How is it??? Well, too soon to tell.

In many ways, teens are a lot like toddlers. They are older and more independent. They are easier in many ways, but also harder in many ways.

I do think younger teenagers are easier than older teenagers, and at this point, McKenna as a “teenager” isn’t any different than McKenna as a preteen.

Older teens have bigger concerns and more freedoms, so it is harder to navigate as a parent.


Sleep continues to go well. McKenna is still a great sleeper and still loves to sleep.


This continues to go along well.


School is still great! McKenna has made a lot of new friends. She and he close friends are known for being accepting of others. She has a very sweet, accepting heart.

She has always been one to not see social boundaries that are put up, a fact that has amused me over the years as she has invited people over for parties. She does recognize those more now that she is in middle school, but she doesn’t let those stop her from befriending people.

She is still enjoying middle school, although there are definitely things she doesn’t love.

She doesn’t love how concerned so many people are with being “cool” and also with how insecure most people are. Insecurity at middle school age is quite typical.

She also does not enjoy the amount of profanity she hears at school. Profanity seems to peak in middle school. High schoolers no longer use it in an attempt to be cool.


During this time, McKenna participated in soccer, piano, and voice lessons.

Voice lessons is a new addition to her life and she is really loving that! She is doing group lessons with Kaitlyn and Brinley.

Piano is probably her personal least-favorite of her activities.


Now that McKenna is 13, she is allowed to watch PG-13 movies. This is something she is looking forward to very much.

She does not just get to watch any PG-13 movie she would like to. She is required to get permission to watch any movie PG-13. That rule applies to our older teenagers still, also.

There are a few PG-13 movies we have allowed her to watch prior to this point. They are movies we decided were okay based on our own opinion.

A great resource if you are ever wondering what might be appropriate for your child is


Here is her typical schedule.

6:00 AM-Get up and get ready
7:00 AM-Go to school
3:10 PM-Get home from school
5:00 PM-Dinner. Family time. Activities. She often has a soccer practice.
8:30 PM-Get ready for bed
9:00 PM-In bed


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