McKenna Teen Summary: 14.25 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 14.25 year old teen girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the teenage group. This covers 14 years old through 14.25 years old.

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This is a summary for McKenna from 14 years old to 14 years, 3 months old.


Sleep is great as usual! The only struggle we ever really face with sleep is just how much she likes to sleep. I am not sure how late she would sleep in if I just let her go–but I wouldn’t be surprised if it became afternoon. I wouldn’t mind trying it other than being concerned she wouldn’t be tired enough to go to bed that night.

During the school year, this isn’t an issue. But in summer, there is this balance of sleeping in and getting going for the day.


McKenna decided to change clubs during tryouts this year. She kind of wrestled with the decision for most of the year and ultimately decided to move.

She has started practicing with the high school team. Tryouts are at the end of July. So she hasn’t played with her new club and won’t until the beginning of November.


McKenna started to ref soccer competitively this year. She enjoyed doing it! It is a great job for teenagers, so I hope she will stick with it.


McKenna took a guitar class at the end of the school year and loved it! She had a lot of fun learning how to play.


Piano is good! She most enjoys playing and accompanying herself while she sings songs. As she takes on more of those songs, she is spending more time at the piano beyond practice time.


McKenna had a lot of fun with her competition choir. They placed well at competitions. She sang alto and some tenor. I have loved seeing her improvement at singing harmonies over the last couple of years.


McKenna is excited to be done with the middle school portion of her life. It wasn’t terrible, but it was still middle school. She will have several friends who will go to different high schools, so she is sad to have them go.


Most of this time period was during school, but some was summer.

6:30 AM-Get up and get ready
7:00 AM-Go to school
3:10 PM-Get home from school (unless it is choir)
5:00 PM-Dinner. Family time. Homework. Chores. Piano practice. Activities. She often has a soccer practice or a game.
9:00 PM-Get ready for bed
9:30 PM-In bed

SUMMER-Most weekdays have soccer
7:30 AM-Get up and get ready
8:30 AM-Workout starts
11:00 AM-Get home. Get ready. Eat. Chores
10:30 PM-In bed if going to soccer the next day


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