McKenna Teen Summary: 14.5 Years Old

Daily life and schedule for a 14.5 year old teen girl. Learn about common concerns that come up with the teenage group. This covers 14.25 years old through 14.5 years old.

14.5 year old McKenna holding a soccer ball

This is a summary for McKenna from 14.25 years old to 14.5 years old.


Sleep is good! McKenna loves to sleep. Life can get really busy, and since she is a high sleep needs person, she finds a weekend nap really helpful to help with the low sleep she gets from events with school.


McKenna loves to bake cookies. She will try all sorts of different recipes and can make lots of delicious kinds of cookies!


Summer was good! This summer, Brayden left on his mission. She had young women camp and a pioneer trek. We had camping and some swimming. She spent a lot of time doing high school soccer stuff. That was busy.


She was able to fit in reffing a soccer tournament. That was very exhausting, but she made a lot of money in a few days, so it was worth the exhaustion.


She took piano all summer and into the school year. She does not love the piano like Brayden and Kaitlyn do, but she does enjoy it and continues to consistently get better at it.

During the school year, all of our kids do piano lessons before school starts. This is the only time of day we can consistently know we do not have conflicts and can get her to her lesson.


McKenna played in a tournament with her new club team during the summer. They hadn’t practiced together, so she didn’t know many of them, but they were able to come in second place overall. She enjoyed the team and loves the coaches so far.

She also made the high school soccer team. She has been playing keeper for the Sophomore team and the JV team. She has enjoyed soccer. It has been so good for her mentally and has been very healing from her previous club experience. She is able to play with Kaitlyn. I think that will be something they look back on fondly. She has a lot of friends on the team as a whole, has gotten closer with friends she already had, and has made new friends.

It can be a lot of hard work, and she doesn’t love everything about it (like running during conditioning). But she has enjoyed it.


McKenna is a freshman and now in high school! She has loved high school so far. Classes are going well and she is enjoying the social side of high school (like going to football games).

She was able to still take guitar class this year. She really enjoys playing the guitar and loves that class.

She is currently trying to decide if she wants to do a winter sport or not. She loves sports, but it really is a lot of work to do a sport and stay on top of classes. If she does one, it would probably be basketball or wrestling. I would guess wrestling. Our high school actually has a great girls wrestling program that has taken state every year that girls wrestling has been a high school sport!


McKenna is very social, and that leads to her liking to spend a lot of time on her phone texting people. This is a tricky thing to try to balance and monitor. As a teenager, I spent a lot of hours talking to my friends on the phone. Instead of talking, this generation texts.

So it is okay, but there should be breaks. We talked to her about it and she gave a length of time she thought was reasonable to spend communicating on her phone each day. We set a screen time limit on her phone for that amount of time.

With the limit in place, she is able to be more mindful of the time she spends chatting. While communicating with friends is great and fun, it can’t be the only thing she accomplishes in a day.

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Most of this time period was during summer, but some was school.

SUMMER-Most weekdays had soccer
7:30 AM-Get up and get ready
8:30 AM-Workout starts
11:00 AM-Get home. Get ready. Eat. Chores
10:30 PM-In bed if going to soccer the next day

6:40 AM-Get up and get ready
7:30 AM-Go to school. Soccer practice is after school.
4:00 PM-Get home from school (some days earlier if they have a game)
5:00 PM-Dinner. Family time. Homework. Chores. Piano practice. Activities. She has a game 3 days a week.
9:30 PM-Get ready for bed
10:00 PM-In bed


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