Brayden Teen Summary: 16.5 Years Old

All about a 16.5 year old teenage boy. Teen life for a boy and a typical daily schedule and life who was raised on Babywise.

16.5 year old Brayden

This is a summary for Brayden from 16.25-16.5 years old. Kids change A LOT in the teen years. Physcially, they change a lot. They grow, their bone structure matures, and they just look older. They also change a lot on a maturity level and on intellect.

With this change comes some shifting of control. Your teenager should be constantly moving more and more toward independence.

But you also need to remember that your teen still isn’t fully developed. The brain isn’t ready to be fully in charge yet. Your teen will make some really just, frankly, dumb decisions.

You will find yourself saying “What were you thinking?” even with very mature and responsible teens at times.

Teens are really like toddlers in many ways; they just are more adult-looking so we have higher expectations and less patience.

All of that to say, remember your teen is not an adult and still needs you to be a parent.


Eating is going as usual. Brayden has always been one that I didn’t have to worry about his food at all.


Sleep is going well. Brayden has been experimenting lately to figure out what his best timing is for going to bed at night and waking in the morning. He isn’t one who wants to stay up really late. He is very conscious of getting healthy sleep.


During this time, Brayden participated in swim team. He did club swim and started High School swim. So far, high school swim is going well. He is a junior this year and is enjoying being one of the fastest swimmers.

He also continued with piano and that is going well.

He isn’t teaching Brinley lessons anymore. Life has gotten too busy for him to maintain that consistently, so we have Kaitlyn doing it now.

I remember many years ago reading a book by Kevin Leman (I can’t remember which). In it, he discussed how busy teenagers get and how they don’t have as much time to do things around the house. This is definitely becoming more true for Brayden as he gets older.


Reffing is great! Brayden has been reffing a lot and gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. He makes good money. It is nice the season for reffing does not interfere with his swimming that much. There is a little overlap, but it isn’t bad.

It has been really nice that he can drive on his own now. He is able to get himself to and from games to ref, including games that are a distance from us with significant freeway driving.


School has gone well so far and he is enjoying his junior year. Things are not yet all back to “normal” from changes in the last couple of years, but it has normalized enough into a new normal that things feel stable, so that is nice.

He has had fun going to school dances this year. It is exciting they are able to do those again.


Here is a very basic schedule:

6:30 AM wake up
7:30 AM go to school
Time getting home varies depending on swim team…that will be more steady with the new trimester
EVENING homework, chores, ref, socialize, dinner, relax…
10:00 PM go to bed. We have a policy that the teenagers turn in devices by 10 PM on school nights, so they are always turned in by this point although Brayden does go earlier at times.


16.5 year old teen summary and routine

2 thoughts on “Brayden Teen Summary: 16.5 Years Old”

  1. Thank you for this post. Your comment about teenagers being very busy and therefore doing less chores/helping around the house made me think. I remember being like this as a teenager, but then when I went to university and got married I found it hard to adjust to taking on the chores and cooking for myself because I was out of the habit. I would love to know what your thoughts are about this. Do you think cutting them some slack, is helpful? What responsibilities do you think a teenager should have? Also what chores does Brayden do at this age? I would really appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks again for all your posts,
    Many blessings,

    • Hello! These are great questions and a great thought.

      Brayden is in charge of keeping his room clean and I always have my kids clean up after themselves. I rotate kids helping make dinner.

      He also is in charge of cleaning our Den each week (downstairs family room) and also cleans our guest bathroom. He does his own laundry and washes his own bedding. He also mows the lawn during weather when that is needed and he helps shovel snow in the winter.

      So he does a lot. But throughout his life to this point, he has taken on more and more responsibility at home as he has gotten older. He doesn’t have time to add to his plate at home now. He also was teaching Brinley piano lessons, but doesn’t have the ability to be consistent with that anymore.


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