Brayden Teen Summary: 16.25 Years Old

All about a 16 year, 3 month old teenage boy. Teen life for a boy and a typical daily schedule and life who was raised on Babywise.

Brayden on the beach with our new puppy

This is a summary for Brayden from 16-16.25 years old.


Everything is as usual here, which is great. No issues. He typically needs a snack in the afternoon sometime. He loves mixed nuts, fruit, vegetables, or string cheese for this.


Sleep is also as usual, which is great. He sets his own time to get up and time to go to bed each day.


A big thing that happened during this time period was getting his wisdom teeth out. He is young for getting them out. Most kids are closer to 18ish when they are ready to get them out (or older).

His teeth were growing in and starting to crowd his other teeth, so it was time.

A really funny thing is that he insisted that he would not be funny after the surgery and also that he would not sleep all day.

He followed through on both counts.

He was amusing if you know him; he was very chatty, and he usually doesn’t just talk on and on. He sounded totally with it; his talking was about normal life and things he would normally talk about it. He was just more talkative than usual.

He also kept talking about the same thing over and over as we drove home. The day was busy. He needed me every 20 minutes for gauze and ice, so when your child gets them removed, make sure you leave your day wide open.

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Driving has been great! It has been so nice to have him even just driving himself. He will also drive his siblings places and will offer to stop at the grocery store to pick up things on his way home from things.

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In our home, 16 is the age you can start dating. It has been fun to see him do some dates. He is currently preparing for Homecoming. It will be his first school dance, so it should be fun!


This time period was over the summer. He primarily participated in swim team. He decided not to do golf team this year (you might remember he did that last year). He didn’t like how the golf season went right up to swim season. He wanted to focus more on swim this year and be more prepared for the swim season to start.

He reffed some soccer tournaments, also.

Brayden also had piano lessons throughout the summer. He still loves to play the piano.

Brayden help plan a youth conference for the youth in our church 16 and older. It was a very large event. He really enjoyed the process and planning it all out.


Summer went well. June was pretty crazy with tons of different reunions, camps, and church conferences.

At the beginning of summer, he wondered if he should get a job for the summer. I didn’t feel great about the idea. He had so many activities planned that it would either make it so he couldn’t do them or he would have to basically never work (that doesn’t make you a desirable employee.

Plus he has the job of reffing. This is not steady and consistent, but it makes a lot more money than a standard job a teenager would have.

So he didn’t get one. He reffed soccer tournaments and made more money than he would have from a job all summer.

One hard thing is he definitely got bored for the first time this summer. It isn’t bad to be bored in general, but most of his friends had the normal “work every day” jobs. He is old enough he isn’t playing during the day all day all summer…so he just got bored.

So I don’t know what he will do next summer. But I can see why it might be nice to have a job just so you are busy. Brayden is good at setting goals and working on things, and even so, it was almost too much downtime for him. He was glad for school to start up again.


This is his summer schedule. This is super basic:

7 AM–Get up and get ready. Do daily chores
5:00 PM–Dinner
10:00 PM–Usually bed. He would stay up later some nights, especially if doing something with friends


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