Brayden Teen Summary: 16.75 Years Old

All about a 16.75 year old teenage boy. Teen life for a boy and a typical daily schedule and life who was raised on Babywise.

Brayden teen

This is a summary for Brayden from 16.5-16.75 years old.


Everything is good here. There isn’t anything new to report on.


Things are good with sleep. He is still very responsible about getting enough sleep. He does not like to be tired.


School is going well! He is doing well in school. He is a junior now and getting all of the “please come to our university” letters. He gets them from Harvard, Stanford, Duke…all those places. He doesn’t appreciate it for what it is.


High School Swim team was very big during this time. The season really ramped up and ended. He went to state and did very well there. He dropped time on both of his events, which he was happy about.

The coaches of the team were young and in their second year. There was some sudden drama from a few swimmers and their parents one day in January that we didn’t see coming.

It took a lot of us by surprise.

Coaches always have a hard time when they are new. Anyone taking over anything has a hard time, from arts to athletics. They change things up and do things their own way. People don’t like change.

But I think they faced more difficulty because they were young, which is unfortunate.

Many of us tried to do our best to make it positive for the kids after the coup. It helped the culture, but in the end the coaches will not be coming back next year.

So there will be new coaches next year (hopefully) and the cycle will start all over again.

I have observed that parents are getting worse as the years go on. Parents are less willing to let their child struggle, face disappointment, and learn to deal with things on their own. If the child is sad in any way, the parent goes storming in.

There are times that is needed, but many times, it is not.

I have heard from many ex-high school coaches that they would go back to coaching in a heartbeat if they could cut parents out of the equation. The kids are fine and the parents are hard.

Think before you react. Cool down before you approach a coach/teacher/director about a concern. Understand that there are multiple sides to every situation.

When you do talk to the coach/teacher/director, be mature. Do not over-exaggerate what is or isn’t happening. Don’t speak for everyone when you have talked to only 5% of the people.

Realize there are reasons for policies. Accept that your child might not be perfect.

Do not try to make your child’s path obstacle-free. Remember that learning to work through hard things is good for your child. Remember the talk in Parenting with Love and Logic. Let them learn while the stakes are low. Life doesn’t get easier.

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Reffing is going very well. Brayden was invited to join a small, select group of refs to train to level up. He has been doing that and will be reffing higher-level games, now.


Brayden had the opportunity to go to Washington D.C. with the school during this time. He really enjoyed that. I was happy about it because I wanted to take him (and the family) before he graduated high school, but the pandemic seriously disrupted my well-planned travel schedule (ha!), so he was still able to go.

We also went to Mexico as a family over this time period. He loved that. He loves to travel and to experience different cultures. Brayden is very aware of current events globally. He stays up to date on how different governments operate.

Because of this, he experiences every travel experience on a very intellectual level as he takes in as much information as he can.

He also loved being able to relax on the beach and in the ocean.


Here is a very basic schedule:

6:30 AM wake up
7:30 AM go to school
3:30 PM get home
EVENING homework, chores, ref, socialize, dinner, relax…
10:00 PM go to bed. We have a policy that the teenagers turn in devices by 10 PM on school nights, so they are always turned in by this point although Brayden does go earlier at times.


16 year old teen summary

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