Kaitlyn Teen Summary: 16.25 Years Old

16.25 year old teen girl information and helps. See all about her daily life as a teen girl and get the teen schedule. Talking about how 16 year olds can earn money, choosing career paths, and a daily routine.

16 year old Kaitlyn

This is the latest on Kaitlyn from 16-16.25 years old.


Soccer has been good! Her club season finished up and high school workout started when summer started. Her club team did go compete at the regional tournament for President’s Cup.


Soccer and music are her two biggest focuses in life. She loves to play the piano and also writes music. Her songwriting is very, very good. She started writing during 2020 and had a very natural knack for it.

She is excellent at writing lyrics and composing melodies. Brayden had a big senior recital where he performed a bunch of his songs as a capstone to his piano years. Katilyn sang two of her songs at his concert (one was about them growing up and the other about graduating). Their piano teacher commented that Kaitlyn is the most prolific songwriter he has ever taught.

She is figuring out what she does and does not want music to look like in her life long-term. She does not like to perform in front of people. She doesn’t like to share her talents.

I have no desire (nor does she) for her to try to pursue any kind of fame. That doesn’t seem to go well for youth. But she is considering the potential of writing songs for artists when she is an adult. Then she can stay out of the limelight and do something she loves. But she has a lot of different interests she is considering for pursuing career training.


School went very well! She does great in school. She works hard. She gets along really well with her teachers and enjoys her friends. She does get exhausted, as introverts do, from all of the interaction.

A hard thing is just deciding what classes to take when you aren’t exactly sure what you want to pursue for a career. There are a lot of of options for concurrent enrollment and getting college classes done in high school, which is amazing. But it is hard when you are not sure what you want to do.


Kaitlyn went to her first dance during this time. Our kids do not date until age 16, so she was excited to be able to go to a dance! She had a lot of fun.


Kaitlyn is still working at my parents’ farm, grooming dogs, and reffing. Word of mouth is working great for he grooming efforts. It isn’t a steady stream of income at this point, but it could become one over time as she gets more clients.

She has been moving sprinkler pipe on the farm. That is very exhausting for her. It is impressive she can do it! In the summer, reffing just comes in tournaments, but it is a great way to make a lot of money in a short amount of time.

Last time, I talked about how she was considering working for a company as well. She decided to wait and see how that went for her friend. Her friend has had to cancel a lot of things and hasn’t had as much flexibility as she had hoped, so Kaitlyn is sticking with these jobs. She enjoys working on the farm and grooming and she probably wouldn’t have time for those.

She doesn’t love reffing in general. There can be a lot of confrontation and she isn’t into that. She does enjoy reffing 9-10 year olds. The parents aren’t typically too intense and she likes the little kids. Most refs don’t like that age group because it isn’t “prestigious” enough. So she was able to do a lot of those games this spring.


Something really exciting during this time is she got her braces off! FINALLY! We even ended up moving our family pictures because her braces were coming off the day after the pictures were supposed to happen. Our photographer was so kind and generous to let us reschedule.


This time period had school and summer. So here is both. For teens, I really like a block schedule setup for summer months. See this post for more details on our block schedule system: Why Daily Block Schedules are Great for Your Older Kids

6:00 AM Get up and get ready for school
7:30 AM Leave to go to school. Soccer practice is after school.
4:30 PM Get home from school
5:30 PM Dinner (typically)
10:00 PM Time to turn in devices and go to bed (if she hasn’t already)

7:30 AM Get up and get ready for weights/soccer
8:30 AM Weights and soccer. Then go work on the farm
12:00 PM Lunch. Chores and other activities
5:00 PM Dinner
10:30 PM In bed


16.25 year old daily routine

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