McKenna Baby Summary: Week 23

Schedule and routine for a 22-23 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

McKenna and Brayden playing

Once again, another great week. This is just a great time period in a baby’s life for me. The schedule isn’t changing every week and baby is typically content and stays put 🙂


Nursing continued on as usual with nothing new to report. Everything is good.


Waketime length pretty much stayed the same.


I would now officially consider the last nap dropped. She now takes three naps a day.


Last week, I had decided our 30 minute window would be 7:15-7:45. Well, I have been waking her every day this week at 8:00! So our waketime is apparently 8:00 AM. No complaints on my end. I don’t know for sure if she will make it that long once the dreamfeed is dropped, but if she wakes even an hour earlier, it will still be acceptable to me.


This week, I introduced McKenna to oatmeal and prunes. She is not a huge fan of cereal at all. Brayden and Kaitlyn both really like oatmeal, and Brayden even loved rice. But McKenna is just not thrilled. My thought is that it is a texture thing. She likes her food pretty runny. She enjoys prunes just fine. She doesn’t devour them like her bananas, but she eats them well.

McKenna likes her food warm. Not cold. And not even just room temperature. Warm.

This week, I made 3 months worth of bananas for McKenna since they were so cheap. This is a great time of year (at least where I live) to be making lots of baby food to store. The harvest is on!

Baby schedule pinnable image


I was delaying dropping the swaddle. But I know that McKenna is really ready to drop the dreamfeed and is or will soon be ready to move to a four hour schedule. Since I want her to have dropped the swaddle before those things happen, I knew I needed to just drop the swaddle.

So one night I left her unswaddled. She took a little longer to go to sleep (about 10 minutes), but had no fussing. The next day, I left her unswaddled for naps. She slept well. For her first nap, she took a 2 hour nap instead of a 2.5 hour nap, but a 2 hour nap is still great 🙂 Since then, she has gone to her normal napping schedule.

Instead of her swaddle, I am using a Carter’s sleeper that zips and has sleeves. It looks just like this Kiddopotamus Sleeper. I use one for nights and naps. McKenna likes to be warm so much that I knew she needed to be covered up. I think being a little cold was the reason she woke from that first nap a little early; I had her unswaddled and no blanket.


We still haven’t had rolling issues. She is very adept at rolling front to back and back to front. When she is playing, she will do it over and over (and is sure to look at me for lots of praise 🙂 ). I haven’t ever noticed her doing it in her bed. If she does, she doesn’t tell me about it. I am hoping it stays that way.

Brayden never had rolling issues, but Kaitlyn did. Kaitlyn never had standing in bed issues, but Brayden did. It will be interesting to see what McKenna does.


Our next big step will be to drop the dreamfeed. I am still undecided if I should move it before or after we move. I have decided to start moving it back bit by bit. We will see what my thoughts are once I am back as far as I want to go before dropping it.


This week, we started every day at 8 AM

8:00 AM–wake her up, nurse, eat 2 T oatmeal and 2 T fruit (she doesn’t always finish this much)
9:00 AM–nap
11:30 AM–wake her up, nurse, eat 2 T veggie and 2 T fruit
12:30 PM–nap
3:00 PM–wake her up (sometimes she wakes on her own), nurse
4:30 PM–nap
5:30 PM–wake her up or she wakes up, nurse, 2 T fruit, 2-4 T veggie, 2 T oatmeal
7:30 PM–nurse then bed
10:20 PM–dreamfeed

You can see that the end of the day is crammed in there. I would like to be able to drop the dreamfeed so we can extend the schedule so it isn’t so smashed together at the end of the day. The other night, I said our 7:30 PM nursing is basically just a formality.

23 week old Babywise Schedule Pinnable Image