McKenna Baby Summary: Week 24

Schedule and routine for a 23-24 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

24 week old McKenna

You know what is funny? When Brayden was McKenna’s age, I thought he was so old. He had lived a long life. I still think of McKenna as a newborn! And here she is, 5.5 months old!


Everything continues to be good. She is nursing well. The amount of time she takes to eat each time varies. For the first nursing, she takes the longest–about 20 minutes. For the dreamfeed, she is the fastest. I squeeze about 12 minutes out of her. Other times of day she is usually about 10-15 minutes. This is much slower than Kaitlyn was at this age, but I don’t mind. When they are super fast, you spend a lot of time paranoid that they aren’t eating enough 😉

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I continued to wake McKenna at 8:00 AM each morning.

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This week, I introduced McKenna to carrots (remember, you aren’t supposed to feed homemade carrots to a baby under the age of 7 months. I fed her store-bought carrots). She loved them.

I also finished out my two month supply of peaches. Peaches have grown on her, and she loves peaches and oatmeal mixed together.

I am really excited because my husband’s grandparents grow butternut squash. Squash is not a hot commodity, so they will be giving us all of their extra. Squash freezes for two months in the cube method and stores for two months in a dark, cool place. We will have all the squash she can eat! I told my husband that making babyfood is very inexpensive, and when it is free, it is a lot cheaper than buying it! So far, the only food I have had to buy to make for her is bananas. Everything else is coming out of our garden or my husband’s grandparent’s garden.


We still have had no rolling interference with naps. Knock on wood.


We started moving the dreamfeed back in preparation to drop it. At first, I was doing 5 minutes. Then I decided to take it in ten minute increments.


8:00 AM–wake her up, nurse, eat 2 T oatmeal and 2 T prunes. She now usually does eat all of her oatmeal. Some days, she loves her prunes. Others, she hates it.
9:00 AM–nap
11:30 AM–wake her up, nurse, eat 2-4 T veggie and 2 T bananas
12:35 PM–nap
3:00 PM–wake her up, nurse
4:30 PM–nap
5:30 PM–wake her up and she is mad to be woken up, nurse, 2 T oatmeal mixed with 1 T peaches, 2-4 T veggie
7:30 PM–nurse then bed
10:15 PM–dreamfeed

She is really ready to both drop the dreamfeed and extend to a four hour schedule. I am really reluctant to drop the dreamfeed before we move. I would not be hesitant to move to a four hour schedule before we move. I always say I prefer dropping the dreamfeed before extending the schedule, but I might just have to extend the schedule first under these circumstances. I need to do something fast. Things are getting too tight in the evening and I have to wake her up for every meal of the day.

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