Brinley Baby Summary: Week 23

With my Dad at Brayden’s basketball game–she really enjoyed watching basketball

This is a summary for Brinley’s 23rd week–she was 22 weeks old. She had just turned 5 months old.


This week, I had my first period since Brinley was born. Yeah (said very unenthusiastically). I never noticed this with my other kids, but since I use the Milkies and since I have heard from many moms saying this happens to them, I noticed my milk supply was a bit lower during my period. 


This week, we added butternut squash to her menu. Like the sweet potatoes, she was “eh.” These ones, I baked in the oven to the point of delicious. I don’t know why she isn’t in love with them (though Brayden says it is because it is squash 🙂 ). He didn’t like squash as baby either.

Brinley is a funny, very passive person when she doesn’t want to eat something. All of my other kids have had some way of displaying they were not interested in a food that was unmistakable  Kaitlyn would put her hands in front of her mouth. Brayden wouldn’t open his mouth. I don’t really remember McKenna ever refusing food….anyway, when Brinley is done, she sticks her tongue out a bit and then just looks off in the distance. She doesn’t get mad; she doesn’t seem to refuse. Like I said, it is very passive. But she is definitely refusing to eat. It is quite amusing. 

Brinley started to get kind of particular about having me feed her solids. In my experience, this is normal if one person feeds the baby. My husband started feeding her once a day and she got over it–she even got so she would eat better for him sometimes. She also has had Kaitlyn feed her sometimes…which is nice and I let Kaitlyn do it, but Kaitlyn is not as “clean” as we are so Brinley ends up with a lot of food on her face. It makes for cute pictures :).


Brinley had a growth spurt this week. She seemed hungry after I fed her the usual amount of solids, so I would offer her more and she ate it up. Or it could have been she wasn’t having a growth spurt but was reacting to my lower milk supply.


Brinley had a couple of shorter naps this week. It could have been growth spurt/milk supply reaction or wonder week 26 starting to show some signs. They typically start at 22 weeks. 


Brinley kept trying to sit up on her own this week. Not get into sitting position from laying down, but be sitting in my lap or in something else and trying to get to sitting along. It made me think and I realized at this age, Brayden could sit for several seconds unassisted and Kaitlyn could even longer. I really think of her as being quite a bit younger than she is, so I haven’t even tried working with her on it…I guess I should!


Our schedule typically looks like this:

7:30–feed with solids–half of a banana and 2 T of oatmeal mixed in


11:30–feed with solids–4 T of pears and 2 T of oatmeal mixed in




5:30–feed with solids–half a banana mixed with 2 T oatmeal and sweet potatoes (1-2 T) OR butternut squash (1-2 T)–we alternate every other day with squash and sweet potatoes.

7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00-8:10