McKenna Baby Summary: Week 37

Schedule and routine for a 36-37 week old baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and routine for each day and know how to structure your day.

37 week old McKenna and Santa

This week was busy for the family but highly uneventful for McKenna. She is still as cute as ever and admired by strangers :).

Everywhere we go, we get comments on what an alert, happy baby she is from people. I really don’t think we ever take her out without someone approaching us and commenting on how observant she is and how happy she is.


All is well and we are still nursing 4 times a day.


Everything was great and normal with sleeping this week.


McKenna really likes to eat what we are eating. At dinner each night, I make sure there is something we are eating that she can eat. So far, there isn’t anything she has tried that she doesn’t like.

37 week old schedule and routine pinnable image


Her eczema is looking much, much better. I created a spreadsheet and uploaded it to the Chronicles Yahoo! group. I am using it to track what I do and what her eczema is looking like so I can figure out exactly what is best for her.

I am glad I am because in the two days I have been doing it, I noticed that I am not changing things only one at a time. I need to change one thing a day, not more than one.

One day I changed two and the next morning her back was a little red. I didn’t know which thing caused the red, so I need to be more careful about what I change, and the spreadsheet helps me do that.


McKenna is a baby who handles disruptions well, so that is nice for this time of year. We have lots of parties going on during her last nap of the day and she is a little trooper. She doesn’t get fussy at all until it is past bedtime :). She was also great one day that was majorly thrown off. ‘Tis the season for disruptions!


8:15 AM–wake, nurse, solids (prunes or peaches and oatmeal)
9:35-9:45 AM–nap
12:20 PM–wake, nurse, solids (green veggie and applesauce. Sometimes mix with blueberries).
2:00 PM–nap
4:30 PM–wake, nurse, solids (yellow veggie and bananas or pears).
5:30ish PM–dinner with family. Finger foods and what we are having.
6:30 PM–nap
7:45ish PM–wake, nurse, PJs, story, bed

Babywise 37 week old schedule pinnable image