Brinley Baby Summary: 37 Weeks Old

37 week old baby schedule and routine! Baby schedule for baby’s 37th week. Baby schedule and routine for the thirty-seventh week of life. 36 week old baby routine and daily life. Learn about baby’s first haircut, getting a distracted baby to nurse, and dealing with baby eczema.

37 week old Brinley

This is a summary for Brinley’s 37th week; she was 36 weeks old.


First big news–Brinley had her first haircut this week! Kind of crazy–my other girls were 2.5 and 3 when they had their first haircut.

Brinley’s baby hair hadn’t all fallen out, so she had some massively long hair mixed with some short new hair growing in and she kind of looked like a guy who was trying to pull off a comb-over.

So my friend Cassie trimmed it up for her so it can grow in more even and she can look like a little lady ;). Her hair looks so much fuller and thicker!


I got the final feeding of the day figured out. Finally!

I usually nurse her in this one spot for her first three feedings. This is a spot in the house that doesn’t have a lot of traffic and I have fed her there since she was about two months old.

But for her final feeding, I have been feeding her in her room with her door close and lights dim.

That obviously wasn’t working so well. She kept trying to play with stuff, so I thought I should try her at her usual spot. 

It has worked! She knows what to do in that spot and she does it.


She tried zucchini this week. It was mixed with green beans so I don’t know if she did or didn’t like it, but she had it.


Sleep was normal. Two naps. Night sleep good.


Brinley super loves animals. She shakes with excitement when she sees an animal. She especially loves cats, and whenever she sees one, she says, “Ke-hee!”


Brinley’s favorite book right now is Moo Baa La La Laby Sandra Boynton. She seems to love anything by Boynton; this one is her favorite.


Brinley is getting some eczema on her back. I don’t always remember to lotion her back after baths since she is laying on her back. The rest of her skin is totally fine–it is just her back.

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8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt). Indepenedent Playtime happens in this block.
12:45–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal)
5:00–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal, finger foods) 
7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.



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4 thoughts on “Brinley Baby Summary: 37 Weeks Old”

  1. Hi there! I love your blog! I'm new to commenting so I'm not sure if this is in the right space. I've got two questions that I'd love advice on. The first, how do you suggest moving bedtime? My 6 month old sleeps 11 hrs and is like him to go to bed at 8 instead of 7. The second is about naps. I put him into a nap routine about 2 wks ago. He consistently wake after 30-50 minutes. He goes down easy but starts to cry mid nap. I've tried extending and decreasing wake time and he eats plenty. If I leave him on his own he goes back to sleep after 20-40 min of crying, but I'm not sure if that's too long to leave him cry. He doesn't like to be soothed or see me, he just buries his face back into the crib and squirms. Should I get him up or leave him be? I hate listening to him cry, but it seems as though he isn't ready to be up. Thank you!!

  2. Here is my input, SMH! As far as naps go, my son (now 9 months) was a chronic 45 minute napper basically since birth, and it derove me nuts. You can go insane with the trial & error or waketimes, and nap times, and such so I feel your pain! The thing that worked for us, was at about 6.5 months we moved to two set naps, so I just started putting him down at the same times everyday for nap regardless of when he woke from the pervious sleep. For us (he sleeps 7:30-7:30) it was naps at 9:30 and 1:30. I figured with poor naps anyway I didn't have much to lose. After a week or so of adjusting he now sleeps 1.5 for the morning and 2-2.5 for the afternoon. So it may be worth a shot for you. As far as moving bed time I am not sure… I would suggest just moving it back in small increments until your desired bedtime. Hope that helps!


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