Goodness Bee Eczema Balm {Giveaway}

For several years, Goodness Bee has done a giveaway on this blog for their amazing eczema balm. It is time again to do a giveaway for this cream!    … View Post

Goodness Bee Eczema Balm {Giveaway}

I was given a sample of this product in exchange for a review. All stories and opinions are my own.  Almost one year ago, I introduced you to Goodness Bee… View Post

Goodness Bee Eczema Balm {Giveaway}

This post is written in partnership with Goodness Bee. All opinions are my own.  A few months ago, I was contacted by Justin from Goodness Bee.  He told me he… View Post

Surviving Eczema

Eczema is truly heartbreaking. Your poor child has these sores that at the very least cause mild discomfort, but in many cases, pain. It can be hard to know how… View Post


Let me let you in a little secret if you haven’t already figured this out. Recommendations from the medical profession change, and change often. Just think back over things like… View Post

Poll Results: If your baby had eczema, which diaper rash ointment worked best for rashes and prevention?

Results: A&D Ointment: 14 votes (5%) Amolin: 2 votes (0%) Aquaphor: 62 votes (24%) Arbonne Herbal: 7 votes (2%) Avalon Organics: 1 votes (0%) Badger Diaper Cream: 0 votes (0%) Balmex:… View Post

Poll Results: If your baby had eczema, which bath wash worked best?

Aquaphor:  42 votes (24%) Aveeno: 62 votes (36%) Burt’s Bees: 3 votes (1%) California Baby: 9 votes (5%) Cerave: 7 votes (4%) Dove Soap: 14 votes (8%) Other bar soap:… View Post