10 Best Things About 11-12 Month Olds

The ten very best things about 11-12 month olds. There are always things to love about every age and stage. Here is what to love about this age group.

11 month old girl

Relish it! Relish every moment of it! This is the last month of your baby’s life as a baby.

Your baby will soon be a pre-toddler. This is the month to take in those baby traits!

Of course, there are those new traits that come along with being older that are just so adorable, too.

The Best Things About 11 Month Olds

Interactive With Siblings: You will really start to see some fun playing between siblings around this age. The baby ventures more from an observation mode to an interact and try to play mode.

Mimic: Your baby will start to show you many of the interesting little things people around her do. This trend will continue for years, but you will really start to see her mimicking strongly at this age.

Personality Shines Through: You will start to be able to see your baby’s individual personality coming through. You will start to get to know who she is even more.

Smart (Pushes Boundaries): So this is something you could look at as a thing to dislike about this age. Your baby will do things over and over you tell her not to. I like to look at it as a growing and learning time, and take note that your baby’s intelligence is increasing. She wants to know what she can and can’t do, and she wants to know your position on things, so she will test her boundaries and test you.

Easily Movable and Distracted: Your baby might be pushing boundaries, but the thing to savor right now is your ability to move and distract your baby. You can pick her up and move her away from something. She is easily distractable. Enjoy it while it lasts :).

Favorite Toys: Children this age start to have a special favorite toy (or a few) that they just can’t get enough of.

Little Person: When you look back at how far your baby has come since birth, you might be amazed at the little person she is becoming. She might cruise along furniture and she might walk. She will say a few words. She will sit and feed herself a lot of food…she is blossoming into a little person!

Best things about 11-12 month olds

Interactive: Your baby may wave, may play patty cake, and may play peek-a-boo. She might tell you what an animal says on command. She might point to things to help communicate what she wants. This is all very fun interactive behavior. And who doesn’t love a baby waving? Everyone seems to love to get a wave from a baby.

Still Called “Baby”: This might seems silly, but I love that I can still refer to the little 11 month old as baby. Now, I still call McKenna my baby (16 months old!), but in my head I know it isn’t true :). So the title is official and true, and it is something to love about the 11 month old.

Understands Simple Commands: By this age, your baby should be understanding simple commands. She should know what “no” means (though comprehension does not translate into obedience 🙂 ). She might be able to point to body parts when you ask (assuming you have worked on it; don’t expect and 11 month old to identify her nose if she has never been taught that a nose exists).

There is my top ten for this age range. Please share any additional things you love about this age group!