10 Best Things About 8-9 Month Olds

The ten very best things about 8-9 month olds. There are always things to love about every age and stage. Here is what to love about this age group.

8 month old Brayden playing the piano

I love each stage as it comes. I just enjoy each stage as babies get older. There are so many things about each stage to totally love and appreciate.

My Favorite Things About 8-9 Month Olds

There are lots of fun things in association with these 8-9 month olds!

Finger Foods

During this time period, most babies will get really adept at self-feeding if given the opportunity to practice.

This means the baby will sit in the high chair and eat little finger foods while the rest of the family eats.

You can also do finger foods while you clean up the kitchen. It gives you an extra 10 minutes here and there, and moms are great at getting a lot done in 10 minutes!

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The daily schedule is really quite consistent for most babies at this point. Most are on a four hour schedule.

A good portion of babies will have dropped the third nap or are dropping it. For those who haven’t, that is the only variable in your day right now. Schedules are fairly consistent from day-to-day.


Some moms don’t like this, but I do. I like it when babies become mobile.

Easy Toys

With this age group, almost anything can be a toy.

For first time moms, this can be a hard range because babies aren’t typically interested in actual toys at this age.

But they love everything else, so if you can find safe things around your house (like measuring cups), your baby will love to play with them.


Babies start to really show their scientific side during this age range. They love to explore everything, from the piece of food on the tray, to the hairs on mom’s head, to the lint on the carpet.

You have to keep a watchful eye on babies due to the exploring, but I love watching their little minds work.


Speaking of minds working, you start to see that your baby understands things you say.

She might look at you when you call her name. She might stop what she is doing when you tell her no.

It is exciting to see the comprehension taking place.

Best things about 8-9 month old babies Pinnable Image


A lot of babies get teeth during this age range. It isn’t usually exciting while the teeth are coming. It also can be a bit scary for the nursing mother 🙂

But there are good things about teeth. One is that once the first one comes through, subsequent teeth usually aren’t as painful for the baby (until molars). Also, it means eating food independently is a bit closer.

Fine Motor

The fine motor skills really start to improve. It is fun to watch your child delicately try to play with little things in her hands. The fine motor is much more pronounced for the baby girl than the baby boy.


Communication starts. Many have said a word by now. Many can sign a word by now. She tries to communicate with you. She will practice different things and see what gets your reaction, so be mindful of that for good and for bad. It is also fun to watch her “communicate” with the baby in the mirror.


Anything you laugh at will be repeated by this baby. If she pulls a funny face you laugh at, you will see it again. She loves to see you laugh as much as you love to see her laugh, and her entertainer spirit will come out.


Best things about 8-9 month old baby