Best Things…3 Month Old

The ten very best things about three month olds. What to cherish and love about this precious stage. Things to appreciate while they last!

Mother and three month old baby

I just love the three month old! It is one of my favorite ages. Here are my top ten things I love about a three month old (this would be the time period from 3-4 months old–while your child is 3 months old):

Constant Smiles: If the first smiles during the newborn stage melt your heart, the constant smiles of the three month old warm it. I think McKenna is my most smiley baby at this age, and she is especially smiley toward me. We always get comments on “how much she loves her mama!”

Easily Entertained: Okay, if you are a parent like I was with Brayden, your three month old might not seem easily entertained. You have created this problem by constantly hovering over him because you feel like if he is awake, you must be face to face with him. I know, I was there. Even still, this is easily entertained. It will get harder unless/until you start to implement some independent play. I learned my lesson with Brayden and with my girls I have been sure to give them time to themselves each day. At this young of ages, I am in the same room, but not entertaining them. I let them observe things. McKenna will lay on the ground and look at a ceiling fan that isn’t moving for 15-20 minutes! She finds it most fascinating. I find that fascinating and will watch her watch the fan :).

Content: The three month old is overall quite content. Even when she wants to be held, she is content to sit on your lap and observe all that is around her.

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Faster Drinker: Feeding times become faster, leaving more time for play.

Toy Free: Your three month old is very interested in the world around her. You do not yet need to remember to pack a diaper bag of toys whenever you leave the house. She will be entertained by whatever there is to look at.

Hands off: Your three month old is not yet grabbing things. This is something you will appreciate in retrospect if you do not have children yet. You can hold you baby on your lap and eat dinner without worrying she will grab your cup off the table. It will come 🙂 She also might have interest in your earrings, but she isn’t coordinated enough to try to grab them yet.

First Laughs: Many times the first laughs come during this month. I remember the first time I heard Brayden’s laugh. It was music to my ears.

Milestones: Your three month old starts to take off with milestones. She will likely roll over. It just keeps coming throughout life, but this is the month they start to come quickly. During the first three months, the milestones may not have been so obvious. This month you will have things like rolling over and better hand/arm control (on average).

Stable: Your three month old starts to be much more stable with her head. It doesn’t whip around so much. She is also more stable with her hand control.

Observant: Your three month old really starts to notice things around her more. She will look at and study people. She will look at and study anything that catches her eye. It is so fun to watch her learning.

These are my top ten. There are so many great things! Be sure to share your favorite things about the three month old!

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11 thoughts on “Best Things…3 Month Old”

  1. My baby (i am a new mom) is going to be 3 mo old on Tuesday so she is about a month behind your littlest. This may fall into the 2 month category, but i'll say it anyways… I LOVE that my baby makes eye contact with me these days. This just started within the last 2 weeks. She will track me if i move and will find me if she hears my voice. She will stare into my eyes for a long while and i FINALLY feel like we have "bonded"! 🙂 Thats my favorite thing so far!

  2. Thanks for reminding me to be so thankful for my 3 month old. I'm having a tough time getting our routine down since I also have a 22 month old and they share a room. CIO is a whole different story here! Thanks!!

  3. One of my favorite things is when I come home from work in the morning and my little guy is laying in bed. I sing our good morning song as I get close to him. When he sees me, a big smile creeps across his face and he starts kicking those little legs. I cherish that special part of our day together.

  4. Really enjoying your blog! I've got a three week old, so I find myself reading your posts from a few months back also! Appreciate your thorough details! Just ordered the Baby Whisperer per your recommendation.Thanks!Robin

  5. Sarah, good point! McKenna loves the bath. I hadn't thought of trying her in the pool. I bet she would think that is fun. Brayden and Kaitlyn would love to have her out playing with them!

  6. I love your blog!!! My baby girl will be 13 weeks Monday, so I'm starting late in the game! Im staring her on her BW schedule tomorrow morning, do you have any advice when starting this late???


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