The 10 Absolute Best Things About 4 Month Olds

4 month olds can be HARD, but there are many wonderful things to cherish about this stage. Read these 10 best things about a four month old.

4 month old baby


I really enjoy the four month old. Right now, for me, my children are all at really fun ages. I have the conversation of the four year old, the wonder of the two year old, and the sweetness of the four month old. We could freeze time and I would be happy :).

A four month old isn’t always easy, however. You do have the 19 week wonder week going on, after all. Even so, there are many things to love. Here are my top ten favorite things about four months old. 

10 Best Things About 4 Month Old Babies

Laughter: I love the laughs of the four month old. The four month wants to laugh, you want her to laugh…what a great combination.

Pleased: The four month old shows great pleasure with herself when she does something she wanted to do.

Pleasing: The four month old wants to please you. When you smile, laugh, clap, or cheer over something she has done, she gets that pleased look on her face.

Hand Control: The four month old starts to hold and manipulate toys. It is fun to watch her go through this process. She starts by holding something and trying to get her head to the toy. As she starts moving the hand to the head, she starts off rather clumsy, but by the end of the month she is pretty good at getting the toy to her mouth (though still has room for improvement).

Conversationalist: The four month old likes to hear herself “talk.” I love to hear her talk, so it is a good relationship. I will mimic her speech, which again brings the pleased look to her face. She then continues on her talking.

Aware of Power: The four month old is starting to grasp the power she has over you. She practices her different vocal abilities to see what you do in return. It is fun to watch her process the information.

Content: I know this is in my three month old post, but the four month old is still content, and that is so precious it is worthy of being mentioned twice! lol

Waking Happy: Not all four month olds will do this, but most are starting to wake up happy sometimes. This is great–it helps you immensely in problem solving early waking from naps.

Toys: The four month old loves to play with toys. This is really exciting for parents–especially first time parents. The baby is starting to do all of those things you dreamed about while you were waiting for your baby to arrive.

Cuddly: Most four month olds will still be happy to sit and cuddle with whomever is holding her. This does vary from baby to baby; Brayden certainly didn’t want to hold still as a four month old. But Kaitlyn did. McKenna will. All children are different 🙂

There are my top ten favorite things about the four month old. Please share your additions!

10 best things about 4 month olds