Best Things…Newborn 0-3 Months

The ten very best things about newborns. What to cherish and love about this precious stage. Things to appreciate while they last!

Newborn baby with a mom

Every age and stage has its good points and its hard points. I thought it would be fun to list the best things about every stage. Then when we have our bad days, we can turn to our lists of the good things and better enjoy the moment (see Enjoy the Moment).

Each stage has things we should cherish that will leave as they grow older and will never again return. Granted new, fun things come in to enjoy, but we will miss some of these things. Every parent has their stages that they like better than others. During our hard stages, we can turn to these lists and take note of what to focus on–the good!

10 very best things about newborns and a picture of a newborn and her mom

The Best Things About Newborns

Here are some of my favorite things about newborns:

Sleeping Angel: Is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby? Have you ever noticed that pretty much all baby products feature a picture of a sleeping baby? That is because they are so cute.

Cuddly: I know not all newborns are cuddly; Brayden definitely was not! But my girls have been. Even though I am not a cuddly person, I love to cuddle my little babies.

Light-weight: They are as light as they will ever be. This is nice for your back 🙂

Speechless: Okay, I know we all wait in anticipation for the first words to leave our children’s mouths. However, any mom with older children will really enjoy the fact that newborns don’t talk yet; they can’t talk back!

Stationery: Newborn babies remain where you place them.

Clean: I was noticing how much easier it is to keep McKenna’s room clean than Brayden’s and Kaitlyn’s. She doesn’t make messes anywhere except in her diaper 🙂

Pure: There is something so peaceful and pure about little newborns. They are new here and unmarked by the world.

Not Moral: You don’t have to worry about the moral lesson your newborn is learning. Granted, she is learning all the time, but you don’t need to focus on her “p’s and q’s”–so to speak.

Obedient: Along the same lines, your newborn isn’t getting into anything she shouldn’t. She is very obedient to you 🙂

Peaceful: There is no fighting! I remember watching siblings interact when Kaitlyn was a baby and realizing someday I would face sibling fights. Brayden and Kaitlyn get along remarkably well with few fights, but fights still happen. In fact, one day they were fighting over whether or not McKenna wanted to play with a certain ball. Kaitlyn was lecturing Brayden, informing him that McKenna didn’t want it, and Brayden was trying to give McKenna a toy to play with (he is always concerned she is bored). Someday, there will be three to fight amongst themselves. Right now, McKenna is peaceful!

There are my top 10 favorite things about newborn babies! Cherish these things while you have them and look at these things on your hard days. 

Everything to cherish about a newborn baby and a picture of a newborn and mother