McKenna Baby Summary: Week 16

Schedule and routine for a 15-16 week old newborn baby. Get info on this baby’s daily schedule and play time ideas for each day.

McKenna at 16 weeks old out for a walk at nap time

Can you believe McKenna is 16 weeks old? In a little over a week, she will be four months old! I can’t believe it! I am just loving things right now. All of my children are at fun stages that have their special merits. McKenna stays where I put her and is content to sit and look at the ceiling fan for 20 minutes.


Nursing continued on as usual until the end of the week. At the end of the week, McKenna started to take longer to eat–moving back to taking 15 minutes per side. This is way up from 5-10 minutes per side. This is making me wonder if it is a growth spurt.


Speaking of growth spurt, is anyone wondering when McKenna’s 3 month growth spurt is going to happen? I am. If it has happened, it did so unnoticed. There are times I have wondered, but there hasn’t been an obvious one. An interesting point is that she is three weeks past three months and was three weeks early, so if she is just now starting the three month growth spurt, then the spurt is coming according to her gestational age and not her actual age.

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Waketime length has stayed the same, but it has contingencies. If the nap previous to the waktime was not as long as typical, then she can’t go as long for the waketime. So when she has a shorter-than-usual nap, I am sure to watch her and go with my “gut” on the waketime length.

16 week old schedule and daily routine for your 3 month old schedule


McKenna’s activities are typically as follows:

  • Gym: Her gym is a favorite. She is starting to try to grab the toys.
  • Walks: She seems to really enjoy going for walks.
  • Bouncy Chair: McKenna’s favorite right now is her Fisher-Price Bouncer
  • Baths: McKenna also loves to take baths
  • Looking and Watching: She loves to look at the ceiling fans–moving or not. She also loves to look at people
  • Tummy Time: She does not enjoy this many days, but if I get down on my tummy and interact with her, she will do it longer and with more enthusiasm
  • Interacting: She loves her siblings and parents


Do you hear angels singing? Listen closely. McKenna has started extending her nights. She slept through until morning waketime all but the first night of this week. She isn’t making it to my desired waketime (7:30) but she is making it usually until 6:45-7:15. I am not sure she will ever be a 7:30 wake up type. Time will tell. She is still working on extending her nights. I am totally fine with 6:45 even. My desire for 7:30 is so I can feed Brayden and Kaitlyn breakfast at 7:00. But McKenna’s first waketime length is 50 minutes, so if she wakes before they have breakfast, they can wait. They are old enough and patient enough to wait until I am done with McKenna.


I just wanted to mention that when I have the dreamfeed closer to 10 PM, she sleeps later in the morning than when I have it closer to 11 PM. Strange but true.

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I noticed McKenna is getting saliva. She also has bumps on her bottom gums making me wonder if she is having teething pains at all. If so, there are no outward signs. I remember reading somewhere that babies start to get saliva around 3 months of age, so the sudden drooling of your three month old doesn’t mean she is teething for sure.


Remember my advice to give your baby a bottle every so often? Well, I did that. She was great. Then I started to not do that as much since breastfeeding is so much more convenient for me. And now I am seeing problems from doing that. She will eat two ounces from the bottle and then she is done. She will not eat more. It is not a nipple size issue and it is not a n issue of who is feeding it to her. It isn’t even an issue of it being formula or breastmilk. So I am going to have to get serious about making sure she will drink well from the bottle. Sometimes I don’t even take my own advice.


I have come to a decision about when to try weaning the swaddle again. I am going to do it in about a week and a half. Next weekend we are going camping in the mountains of Wyoming. It gets cold there at night so I want her to still be sleeping swaddled so I can keep her warm. Once we get back and get her re-established from the disruption, I will break the swaddle.

Unfortunately, she will be having vaccinations that week, so I might have to even wait a week beyond that. We will see what happens. I will keep you updated. McKenna has started rotating around the crib even while swaddled, so I know attempts at rolling are possible. I want her unswaddled before she starts that for safety purposes. In preparation, I am sure to give her lots of opportunity to practice using her arms and hands so she can have as good of control over them as possible when the time comes.

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It is a bit different this week since she is extending nights. I will just say she is waking at seven even though it ranged from 6:45-7:15. 7:00 is a happy medium.

7:00 AM–eat
7:50 AM–nap
10:30 AM–eat
11:30-11:35 AM–nap
1:30 PM–eat
2:35 PM–nap
4:00 or 4:30 PM–eat
5:15-5:45 PM–nap
6:30-6:45 PM–wake up
7:00 PM–eat then straight to bed
10:00 PM–dreamfeed

Babywise Schedule Week 16 pinnable image


We spent the day at my parent’s house one day. This visit confirmed to me how much McKenna likes to be warm when she sleeps. The bedrooms are in the basement at their house and it is rather cool in the summer. McKenna did not like that. I had to put a space heater in there and warm it up significantly before she would sleep longer than one hour. This is a good time to point out that McKenna sleeps much better if her feet are covered. I don’t just mean in her swaddle, but she must have socks on or footed pajamas also. Kaitlyn was the opposite. She slept better without socks.