10 Best Things About 6-7 Month Olds!


The ten very best things about 6-7 month olds. There are always things to love about every age and stage. Here is what to love about this age group.

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Once again, I love this age range! I remember when Brayden was a baby at this age. It seemed that six months was a significant milestone. Life got a lot easier.

Things to Love About 6-7 Month Olds

Here are some things to love about the 6-7 month old age range.

  1. Sit and Play: For most babies, this is the age range when they start sitting well enough to sit and play on the floor. You can give your 6 or 7 month old a container or toys and watch her pull them out and play.
  2. Vocal: I love the jabbering babies do in this age range. They just go on and on.
  3. Awake Longer: Your baby is able to stay awake longer, which means more time for playing and more time for getting out of the house.
  4. More Flexible: The 6-7 month old is also more flexible in life. The occasional nap and late bedtime aren’t going to throw the next few days way off.
  5. Loves Books: Babies really start to show a lot of love for books in this age range–grabbing them, patting them, and talking to them.
  6. Budding Personality: You start to see your babies personality really come out. Your baby will start to take note of what makes you laugh and work very hard to re-create it.
  7. Real Words: Some babies might say their first real word during this age range. They aren’t incredibly clear, but it is the first step to communicating verbally and is of course very exciting!
  8. Shows Comprehension: I remember one day playing with six month old McKenna in front of a mirror. I could see the light click as she realized the baby in the mirror was her and when I was behind her in the mirror it meant I was behind her for real. It was fun to see her put two and two together.
  9. Solids: Most people start solids in this age range. I love watching babies try new foods. With McKenna, for nearly every new food she made a completely disgusted face and gave a shudder. It didn’t ever mean she didn’t like it–she loved it all. But it was fun to watch her try it all.
  10. Finger Foods: During month 7, most babies start finger foods. It is fun to watch the baby try to get the food in her mouth and to learn to chew.

Please share your favorite things about this age group too!

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6 thoughts on “10 Best Things About 6-7 Month Olds!”

  1. Such fun to remember this stage! My kids are almost 8, 5 1/2, 4 and 2…for those of you with 6-7 month olds…ENJOY!!!! :)My favorite memories of this stage: interaction and play, turn-taking with babbling and jabbering, interactive time while beginning solids, the smiles and laughs, beginning play, loving music (sit-dancing), and although my babies still nursed at this age, they no longer rooted around every time they saw me! Fun moments…

  2. Would you ever consider reading The No Cry Sleep Solution. It definitely has a bit of an AP slant but she also says many things that Babywise says like not having sleep props, early bedtime, keeping baby up past optimal bedtime can backfire etc. I was surprised that I actually agreed with a lot in the book coming from a Babywise background. I wanted to know your thoughts on the book. Our toddler is now 17 months and I'm just evaluating how everything went with her and gearing up for #2 to see if we would change anything. I loved the results we had from Babywise in the area of sleep but all the crying made her first year very unenjoyable for us.

  3. We are still struggling with getting our 6 month old to sleep through the night. Hubby wants to continue co-sleeping I think we will all sleep better if he is in his crib, I read your discussion of sleep problems-I am feeding him solids 3x a day and I give him more in the evening with the hopes that he will sleep through the night-I tried lowering the formula when he wakes at night and I tried water but I can't tell if it is truly hunger or just habit. Will keep trying thanks for the good advise.

  4. Justin and Julie,I will add it to my list. I would say you can defintely take what you like and apply it to your new baby and see how it works. You also might consider the 4 S's by the baby whisperer (see blog label). Your goal is simply to have it so baby can fall asleep on her own–it doesn't matter what road you take to get there. If you find something that works to teach that without her having to cry, then that is fabulous!

  5. tracylynne, There is a good chance he would sleep more soundly in his own bed…I know I sleep more soundly on nights my husband is gone and not in bed with me. You don't have another person to make noise and move around and bump you…it just makes sense. But just be warned that if/when you move him out of your bed, it probably won't be easy. He will probably need some adjustment time. Good luck!


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