Breakfast Time Will Affect Morning Wake Time

If you have early morning wakings, consider how consistent your child’s breakfast time is each morning. Get your kiddo sleeping later.

Child eating breakfast in high chair

If your little one is waking early each day, one thing you should analyze and track is what time your kiddo eats breakfast each morning.

This is true if breakfast is breastmilk for your 3 month old or waffles and eggs for your 3 year old.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is true for more reasons than just giving you the energy you need for the day.

The time you eat breakfast every day impacts the time you wake up in the morning. This is true no matter what your age is. 

If you eat breakfast every day at 7:30, most days you will wake up by 7:30–ready for food. 

This is an important point to remember when you are establishing morning wake time for your little one.

Does your baby or toddler wake earlier than you want her to? Try slowly moving breakfast to the time you want to wake up.

If she wakes at 7:00 and you would prefer 7:15, get her up when she wakes if she needs you to, but distract her for at least 5 minutes. A few days later, try for 10 minutes. Then eventually get to where you feed her at 7:15.

Importance of Consistency

Once you reach that ideal time, be super consistent with it. Consistency does so much toward helping you reach your goals.

Consistent breakfast time is also very important if you have night wakings that you want to stop.

This concept is also true for older children. If you feed your toddler, preschooler, or child at the same time each morning, your child will tend to wake up closer to that time.

Until your child is predictable, be consistent each morning within a 30 minute window. So if your goal is 7:15, have no more than a 30 minute different total. So your range could be 7-7:30 or 7:15-7:45. It should not be 30 minutes on either side of your goal. Just 30 minutes total.

Other Causes of Early Wakings

Now, there are of course more factors than the time of breakfast in morning wake time.

We have the sun (Early Morning Waking and the Sun).

We also have being too hot or too cold. We have what time the child went to bed the night before.

The time you eat breakfast, however, is a very important part of the equation. Babywise book one cautions to not underestimate the power of starting the day at the same time each day in getting your baby to sleep through the night.


Keep breakfast time consistent, and you will have a consistent morning wake-up child.

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