Brinley Child Summary {5 years 3 Months Old}

This is a summary for Brinley from 5 years 2 months to 5 years 3 months old. 




Last month, I talked about Brinley having some bad dreams. She has been fine this past month and hasn’t had issues with dreams. 


Brinley moved into a new room this month. We moved kids around, so she is in a new room. The first night in, she told me she wanted her video monitor out of the room because she is a big girl and doesn’t need to be looked at. The next night, we took it out, but before she fell asleep, she decided she did need it in the room. 


For a while, I was waking Brinley up each morning and she would tell me how tired she was. I decided we needed to get her in bed earlier. A lot of children will take naps once they hit Kindergarten because it is just so much more taxing on them, but she doesn’t nap. I decided she just needed more sleep and an earlier bedtime. We started aiming for in bed by 7:30 PM and she has been waking up before I get her in the morning, so it is fantastic! No more sleepy Brinley in the morning. In bed by 7:30 is a challenge with things going on in the evenings, but we are making it work. 



Eating has been going well. Nothing special to report.



One day when I picked Brinley up from school, she said, “I have figured out that Australia isn’t a real place.”


In her class, Australia is the “time-out” spot. So I inquired as to why she figured that out.


I had been in her class that morning, and when I left, she was super hyper and had a hard time sitting still and listening. She was sent “to Australia.” The kind of funny thing is that she thought she was going to really go to the real Australia and was upset she as leaving her family. So amusing, other than thinking of how sad she must have been at the moment! I don’t know why she thought that because plenty of people in class had visited Australia…


This was the only day she had ever gotten so much as a warning, much less being sent to Australia. I figured this was tied to my being there. I told her that she had to be able to still follow the rules after I leave or I wouldn’t be able to help in class. I would be helping in a couple of weeks. We talked about it a few times. 


The morning when I helped the next time, I reminded her that she needed to follow the rules after I left. When I picked her up that day, I asked her teacher how she did after I left and she told me Brinley was great. She had talked to Brinley about it also that day. 


I LOVED that her teacher picked up on the same thing I did. I loved that she did some ask and tell with Brinely. I just love teachers.


I am still loving having Brinley in Kindergarten this year. One major thing for me with the decision is who you are in school with is who your friends are. She has a lot of friends who will be in Kindergarten this year, and knew zero friends coming into this school year. Her teacher tells me she is always surrounded by a group of children. While I was helping in class last time, she hit her head on the bathroom doorknob. She came to me for a hug, and a few of her friends rushed over to give her hugs and talk about how much they hate to have their head hit.


It made me so happy that she has such sweet friends surrounding her! I hope her grade continues to be a sweet, kind group of children. I have noticed they all seem to be very friendly with everyone. 



The elementary school had a fundraiser race. Brinley’s grade did a little sprint. Nate ran with her. She finished among the leader pack, which surprised and amused me. We didn’t do any sort of practicing with her at all, and the ENTIRE time she ran, she just chatted up a storm. So she could have pushed it a little harder, but she had a lot of fun.



Here is what Brinley has going on:

  • Swimming lessons: She is still progressing!
  • Gymnastics: Brinley has been so scared of heights her whole life, so gymnastics has been a challenge for her. This past week, she went on the tall beam all by herself! She was so incredibly proud of herself. I am so impressed she has worked on this and faced her fear. 
  • Dance: Dance is going well! 
  • Piano: Piano is also going well. She is very good at her notes already, which is so handy!



7:30 AM–wake up, get read, eat, practice piano if time

9:00 AM–school

12:30 PM–home and eat lunch. Homework. Practice piano if we didn’t have time. Then she can watch two shows and has independent playtime if desired. Two days a week she has her extra curricular activities. I scheduled her stuff during the other kids’ school day so we didn’t have our family time so interrupted. 

4:00 PM–Siblings home. Sibling play and family time. 

5:00 PM–Dinner in this hour

7:00 PM–Bedtime process begins.

7:30 PM–In bed.


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