Kaitlyn Child Summary: 5.25 Years Old

5.25 year old life and daily routine. Learn about her daily schedule and how to handle things that come up with five year olds.

5 year old Kaitlyn on a pony

This is a summary for Kaitlyn from 5 to 5.25 years old.


I have often said Kaitlyn is our pickiest eater, and that is still true. While Brayden was moving along as normal in this age range, she has gotten pickier.

Even her favorites have been met with “eh.” We do not make her new food when she doesn’t like what there is. We do make sure part of the meal will be something she likes, but when she turns down her favorites, she is faced with hunger or what she “doesn’t like.” At least she does always eat it. 

I should give her credit, though, that she does always try stuff even if it is something she has never liked in life. She is finding she likes some things that historically have been despised. 

One thing I love about this time of year we just left is garden peas. Kaitlyn eats a year’s worth of peas in a month. The girl is in love with garden peas. Best time of year for Kaitlyn’s eating.

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Kaitlyn’s big adventure in sleep for this time period is starting to share a room with McKenna. Through this, we have learned even more what a great sleeper Kaitlyn is. She can sleep through basically anything. 

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Kaitlyn is enjoying swimming lessons. Sometime in late April or May, she went through a spurt for two lessons where she hated it and refused to cooperate. It was strange because she had loved it so much. It coincided with the separation anxiety issues. She got over it and quickly caught up to Brayden’s level. She is back to just loving it.

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Kaitlyn is our peacemaker. She helps keep all play nice and smooth at our house.


The separation anxiety went away as fast as it came on. I could not tell you what caused it nor what fixed it–if anything. It could have been some phase. I am glad we are past it.


Half of this time was spent in school and half was not. I will post her schedule for the end of this time period–no school. 

7:15–wake up. Eat breakfast. Get Ready. Free Play.
9:30–Independent Playtime
10:30–Free Playtime
1:00–Learning Time
2:30–Rest time followed with free play or just free play
4:00–TV time
5-5:30–dinner. Family time
7:30–start getting ready for bed 
8:30–in bed



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