New Blog Look!

This past month, the local Walmart got a total face-lift and update. I figured if Walmart needs a face-lift, my blog could use one, too. It was put on my radar and I filed it away for a good Christmas break project.

Then my friend Carrie at Wiley Adventures got a new blog layout, and I just had to jump on the bandwagon and get it done. I resisted for a few days, I have more pressing blog projects I am working on! (If you get my weekly email, you know what I am talking about). But I finally got distracted one day this week and did it. 

So welcome to the fresh, new look! Things are cleaner and less cluttered. I have some drop-down menus going on. I will be tweaking those over time. The mobile version won’t look that different, but you will notice there is some difference in the navigation. If you are on mobile, you will have to check it out on desktop when you get a chance!

I would love to hear what you think! And for fun, here are a couple of screen shots of past blog versions. I really wish I had screenshots of the very early days. Those would be glorious ten years later.

This upcoming Monday marks my official ten year anniversary, and I am excited to be bringing it in in style!

Old look on Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

Old look on Chronicles of a Babywise Mom

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