Brinley Baby Summary: Week 36

36 week old baby schedule and routine–8 months old! Baby schedule for baby’s 36th week. Baby schedule and routine for the thirty-sixth week of life. 35 week old baby routine and daily life. Learn about what to do with the routine when baby is sick and introducing asparagus and black beans.

36 week old Brinley wearing a sun hat and looking at the camera

This is a summary for Brinley’s 36th week; she was 35 weeks old. This is really just a great age for me. Pretty ideal. The baby is predictable and easy to take care of. They are pretty content and happy.


This was the same as last week. Supply was good, but she was still distracted at the final feeding.


This week, she had a few days where she needed her third nap. That was strange! After a couple of weeks of no third nap, I wondered why she needed it again?

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She was sick! That was why she needed the sleep.

She got a fever. Then my dad noticed she was pulling on her ear a lot the Friday night of this week. Of course it was Friday night right? This makes going to the doctor hard.

I don’t trust our Instacare (and I am not alone in this! I have many horror stories of that place). She was still sleeping well and eating okay so it wasn’t an emergency situation. She didn’t sleep well for her second nap Sunday afternoon so I rocked her mid-nap until she was ready to go back to sleep. She slept well that night, though.

Monday, we went to the doctor. I was pretty sure she had an ear infection, and so was her doctor…until he checked her ears and they were clear! Crazy! He couldn’t find anything wrong with her, so we figured it must be viral and decided to wait a couple more days and see what happened. She ended up getting over it in a couple of days.

It is really ironic because I had McKenna who never showed a single physical sign of having an ear infection. Now I have Brinley who appears to have one, but doesn’t. Our pedi was laughing about that.


Brinley will sit for a long time and play without falling. I had always caught her to this point, but decided she wasn’t learning to not fall by doing that. So we were sitting on the nice soft carpet one day and I let her topple over when she reached for a toy.

She controlled her fall well, but was definitely surprised by what happened. After that, however, she kept her balance and didn’t fall over and she can now sit and play really well.


She was pretty grumpy this week (you know, grumpy according to mom. I still got tons of comments on what a happy baby she is). I looked it up on the wonder week chart and she is at wonder week time! But she was also sick, and I think the sickness had more to do with it than wonder week.

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This week, I tried to give her asparagus. Um…no. She was totally grossed out. I didn’t even make her finish it because she was so grossed out. I think it might have been the texture? Perhaps she would like to gnaw on a whole asparagus? Any feeding asparagus to baby experts out there?

I also gave her black beans this week. Oh she loved them! She super loves them. They were a bit slippery at first, but she quickly figured it out and can pick them up with her little pincer grasp and eat them quite well. 


8:45–nurse with solids (fruit, cereal, yogurt). Indepenedent Playtime happens in this block.
12:45–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal)
5:00–nurse with solids (veggie, fruit, cereal, finger foods) 
7:30–feed, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.

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4 thoughts on “Brinley Baby Summary: Week 36”

  1. My daughter just got over a fever virus too! Had no other symptoms other than just being super hot and fussy. It lasted 3 days. On the 3rd morning when she still had a fever, I took her to docs because I thought that was a long time for a fever. They checked ears and urine and nothing was wrong. The doc told me that lots of babies are coming in with fever and no other symptoms. By the 4th day she was fever free, but still really fussy. Later that week, I got a sore throat, but no fever. Maybe their little throats were hurting too? It took 6 days for her to return to normal disposition. She is a week younger than Brinley I think. 🙂

  2. Any teeth for Brinley? If not you must be comfortable feeding her finger foods? My daughter is almost 8 months she loves picking up puffs and squishy bananas but I'm a little nervous to try anything else. She has no teeth. What's your thoughts?Thank you

  3. Stephanie I think a sick baby is so hard because you don't know what is wrong! I don't want to overmedicate, but I don't want to leave her in pain either.

  4. Shannon, no teeth! Remember when they do get teeth, they just get the front teeth, which are not for chewing–just biting. The first molars typically come in around 12-14 months, though I am guessing Brinley will be later than that since she is later in teeth. For any food you are nervous about, just put it in your mouth and try "chewing" it by using your tongue and roof of your mouth. If you can get it done that way, then your baby can chew it. Most ripe fruits are great. Most veggies that are cooked to soft work (for both, make sure baby is old enough to have that food). Cheese is great. Black beans, pinto beans…


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