Brinley Baby Summary: Week 16

Baby schedule for baby’s 16th week. Baby schedule and routine for the sixteenth week of life. 15 week old baby routine and daily life. Find out what to do with a 3 month old all day, feeding intervals, and playtime activities.

15 week old Brinley

This is a summary for Brinley’s 16th week. She was 15 weeks old.


Brinley continued to get faster with eating and much more, um, obvious about when she was done. By obvious I mean she arches her back away from me if I try to get her to re-latch once she is done.

It is hard to tell when she is for sure done until that point. She will unlatch and look around, talk, stare at nothing, and then get back to eating, so merely unlatching doesn’t mean she is done. 


I think she had a growth spurt. She had a day of eating every two hours and added a feeding into her day. The next day was normal.

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I have in my notes (yes, I have to take notes or I won’t remember much beyond what happened yesterday), “Starting to get upset with naps.” I am not exactly sure what I meant by that.

Maybe that day she cried a bit at the beginning of naps? Whatever it was, it wasn’t long enough and significant enough for me to imprint it on my memory. So there you have it…sort of…

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It is totally normal for baby to have a short nap each day. Often, this nap is the nap right before bed, so for Brinley that would be the 4th nap. However, she is usually the third nap–the one right before the last nap.

This started at the time change. It is like she stuck to the same time of day with the short nap, but it is the third since our time has changed. Interesting right?


This week I decided that witching hour seems to be gone. Hurray! So exciting to have that behind us.


I started taking acidophilus this week just to make sure yeast stayed away from me. Apparently many moms give this right to their baby. I haven’t looked into it, but it can possibly help with reflux? If you give your baby acidophilus, please share what you give, which brand, and why. Thanks!


Brinley has a spot of eczema on her forehead. I put a tiny bit of hydrocortisone cream on it this week and it went away. I have to put it on every 2-3 days. McKenna had eczema so I recognized this. If you want to know more about eczema, I have posts on it on the blog here: How to Heal Your Child’s Eczema.


This week, I noticed something. If I changed Brinley’s diaper at the dreamfeed, she would wake up 10-20 minutes early the next morning. If I didn’t, she slept until I woke her or right until it was time to get up.

The dreamfeed can be a touchy thing. You need to get the timing just right and you need to pay attention to what works best for your baby. Diaper change? Do you unswaddle? And the answers to these can and will change with time.

The older your baby gets, the more touchy it will be because you risk causing more disruptions to sleep than you help sleep with the dreamfeed. 

Brinley is waaaaayyyy past the signs of when dropping the dreamfeed is often recommended. However, as I have said before, I feel more comfortable waiting until she is 4 months old to drop it. We will be dropping it sometime in December. That is the plan anyway. 

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The “beloved” wonder week 19 still had the moments of disruptions to her this week. I can tell when it is going to hit. She gets this look in her eye.

I guess we can look at the bright side of baby learning so many wonderful and fun things during this time period. With the poor naps and sometimes fussiness comes a more capable and interactive baby. 

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This is our daily schedule.
2:00 or 2:30–feed
3:00–nap (one hour after waking)
5:00 or 5:30–feed
6:30–nap (one hour after waking–sometimes she does one hour ten minutes here)
7:30–feed, then bedtime



3 months 2 week old baby routine

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  1. I use FloraBaby advanced probiotic formula for infants and toddlers. It is best to get one with live cultures. The brand is Renew Life. I get it at the local health food store but Whole Foods carries a lot of good brands. Nature's Way is a good brand to use. We still can't get rid of the yeast here. My LO is over it but I am not. I have not gotten much support from my OB/GYN and have decided to quit breastfeeding. I am pretty sad but also in pain. It's terrible.

  2. Hello! LOVE your blog, especially since my 3rd daughter, Bryndel, was born on 08/20 of this summer, and I can so easily follow along with your Brinley 🙂 My husband is a chiropractor with a specialty in nutrition. He has me on a daily probiotic due to my recurrent mastitis (6x in the first 12 wks of her life), and says that you should choose one with as many different kind of bacteria as you can find, as well as choosing one that has to be stored in the fridge. We use one by Innate Choice. I mix a little with breastmilk each day to drop into Bryndel's mouth when I am on an antibiotic for the mastitis. He also says to stay away from trying to get your bacteria through yogurt, as the sugar in it negates the good bacteria. Bad bacteria feeds on sugar! Thanks for all the work you do on your blog, it is SO helpful to all of us moms!

  3. Thank you for this blog! I started baby wise late with my son who is 5 months. We are still working out his schedule. One thing I don't understand about Brinley's schedule: how do you manage a 6:30 nap with a 7:30 bedtime? Does she wake up from the nap, feed, and go right to bed? The short wake time doesn't keep her from falling asleep? My son gets cranky if he's up too long but with a 4th nap, it seems to disturb bedtime, so we've been putting him to bed early, at 6:45. The dream feed disturbs his sleep so I just feed around 1-2:30am when he wakes up. Problem is he wakes up too early, 6am. He doesn't seem hungry then, just coos and plays in crib until we get him at 7am. Any advice on how to get him to sleep later?

  4. OriginalCyn,Most babies go to just three naps a day at 4 months old. Sometime as a four month old. For Brinley, so she goes down at 6:30, then I get her up at 7:30, feed her, change her diaper, and she is back i bed by 8:15.Your son is in bed for the night a little over 12 hours before morning wake up time. He does have a feeding in there, but he has pretty much beenn asleep for 11 hours. The range is 10-11 hours. So it is entirely possible that he is an 11 hour sleeper and that is why he is waking at 6 AM. If it were me, I would work on seeing if you can get bedtime later, which you would do by having feedings a bit more stretched out if possible.

  5. How long are her naps during the day? Do u feed her right when she wakes up or do a 4 hour schedule? Also, do u bathe at bedtime? My son was so by the book and I'm having a hard time with this lil lady. Do u out her down for the before bedtime nap or does she fall asleep wherever u are?

  6. My daughter is now 16 weeks and this is our current schedule:7:15-7:45 eat, waketime for 1 hour or 1 hour 10 minutesnaps consistently for an hour, wakes on her own early (around 9:30 or 10)10:30 eat, waketime and outing with older sibling – no nap1:00 eat, nap right away long nap 4:00 eat, waketime she may or may not nap, but if she does nap needs the swing (witching hour)6:30-7:00 eat, bedtime10:30pm dreamfeedwakes 1 more time a night for feeding anywhere from 2-4:30amThis is our current schedule, not necessarily our goal schedule, and certainly not what I know her schedule should be because of Babywise. However, this is what has been working for us. When I try to put her down for every nap she either cries the whole time and takes 45 minute naps all day long (which I don't consider a hearty nap). I've read many of your different posts about troubleshooting and summaries for her age. I know she should only be eating 5 times now, and not waking in the middle of the night to eat. I tried CIO to drop the middle of the night feeding, she cried 1 hour the first night, 2 hours off and on the next night until I fed her as I felt 2 hours was somewhat excessive. I've played with the waketime length, I've done CIO basically since week 1, I've tried using the swing to get her through the transition from wakeful to deep sleep, I've varied the dreamfeed awake/asleep/diaper change/no diaper change, and so on. I also successfully followed Babywise with my son who is now 3 so I know it's possible which makes it more tantalizing! I guess my question is, what else can I do? I read you post about a friend who tried everything and just finally had to accept that her baby was a 45 minute napper and then just enjoy her the rest of the time. Is that my situation? When she is awake she is generally happy, I do find she has signs of tiredness when she doesn't get a nap in a feeding period, but again if I put her down it will be a short one. Do you think it is time (is she old enough) to CIO and leave her in bed until I decide it is time for her to wake up from naps? Will this give her the message that she cannot decide when a nap is over? Maybe she just doesn't "get it" yet? I plan to try CIO again to rid the nighttime feeding, but we were all recently sick and didn't think it was the right time until we were all healthy again. I've hesitated to ever post comments on your blog because I feel like your posts address so much already, but I am really at a loss and would like some words for the weary Babywise following mom!

  7. Hi Valerie. I noticed you haven't responded to quiltingmama, so I don't know if you are even getting notices about posts this far back or not. Hopefully you will get this notice and be able to respond. I am having a lot of the same issues as quiltingmama it would seem. Here is my story:We are on our third baby, a girl, who is 16 weeks. I have followed Babywise with all 3 kiddos so I'd like to think I kind of know what I'm doing. It worked so well with both my other two kids. This baby has been really hard! Starting at about 5 weeks she would wake 45 min to an hour into her naps. This was almost every nap. She would literally cry the rest of the time until I finally got her up to eat. She rarely went back to sleep. This went on for about 6 weeks. I decided it wasn't going to get any better. I knew she was pretty gassy, so I made the decision to let her sleep on her tummy. I've never done this before and it made me nervous, but something had to change. This seemed to help, though she still wakes sometimes after about an hour. She started sucking her fingers to put herself back to sleep. Well at 2.5 months, she learned to turn herself over from her tummy to her back. She would occasionally do this during naps when she would wake up at that hour mark, so then that would mean nap was over because she has never napped on her back without being swaddled and she's still too spastic with her arms. It has gotten worse with her turning herself over almost every nap, and now at night. Today when I put her down for nap, she kept flipping over. I would flip her back but she wouldn't stay. I finally decided to swaddle and put her down on her back. She cried for a bit then fell asleep, but of course woke up after and hour and cried until I got her up to eat.She has also been my child who has consistently woken twice in the night instead of once. We are finally down to once, but a lot of time that second feeding is between 6:30 and 7, which isn't my ideal wake time, especially since she's waking to eat around 3:30ish every night. She is turning herself on her back, so letting her cry won't help. I think I'm just going to have to go back to the swaddle. We are still eating every 3 hours because I know I'm not supposed to stretch it until she is sleeping through the night, so we are also doing the dreamfeed at 10:30 and no where near dropping that! I am just at a loss as to what to do with her. Like quiltingmama said, maybe I just have a baby who only needs those 1 hour naps? If I get her up, I don't have to feed her right away because she isn't hungry, but then she is tired after only an hour and needs to nap again, thus starting a downward slide of waking and napping earlier and earlier. Her third nap is always the shortest, like Brinley's. By her 4th nap, she is so tired that I feed her at 4:30 and she is usually in bed between 5:15 and 5:30. I get her up to eat at 7:30 and she goes right back to sleep, dreamfeed at 10:30. So she basically is in bed for the night by 5:30, which is super early and probably why she wakes up around 6:30, but I can't seem to push it back further. Please help!

    • What do you do for her gas? Are you super thorough in burping? Do you use gas drops and gripe water? I would use both. There are babies who take short naps chronically. But most of the time, there is a reason. I would address the gas first. The rolling is frustrating. I have a post on that–make sure you get lots of practice in during waketime. I think you will need to figure out/decide if the swaddle is best or not. You are also approaching one of the worst wonder weeks, so that is likely contributing. Good luck!

  8. My little girl is 20 weeks today. She is our second. Our first we did baby wise and loved it but I can't remember for the life of me what we did. I have been reading and re-reading the book but I am a bit lost right now. We were on the 3 hr schedule.71017dream feed 10and it was going well but then we took a weekend trip and things got messed up. I know the book said to drop the dream feed around 3 months but I know that 4 months is usually a growth spurt so I decided to continue to dream feed through it. When we got back she was not wanting to sleep (naps) when I put her down and it was a struggle so I thought that maybe she was ready to move to 4 hours. We have done that two days and for the most part it went well. I also thought that we should try to get rid of the dream feed so I started moving it up to 9:30. There were some hiccups and then this morning she woke at 6 and wouldn't go back to sleep. So after conversing with some ladies on facebook and then reading your blog I realized I did it all wrong. So today I am back on the 3 hr schedule and I realized that I have been doing her dream feed all wrong. But she was sleeping until 7. but I did change her diaper and she would wake up.So I guess my questions really aren't questions I just need some confirmation that what I have planned will work. I am going to go back to the 3 hr schedule and continue to dream feed at 10 without a diaper change and keeping her swaddled (she usually has wiggled out her arms but we will make it work). I will do this for the next week and then I will try to work on getting rid of the dream feed probably by shorting how much she eats because I do breast feed and that will help the supply. Then we will start to watch for the cues to move to a 4 hrs schedule. Have I missed something? Any advice would be helpful Thanks

    • Your plan sounds fine. But you can go to a 4 hour schedule first if you want to–you don't have to drop the dreamfeed first.

  9. How long are the naps ? If she’s only awake for an hour and 10 minutes she doesn’t sleep from 830 until 11 the next time she eats right? I remember babywiss saying how important the eat wake sleep cycle was so I’ve been feeding her whenever she wakes up. But she has only been napping for 45 min to an hour and then she is eating too frequently and isn’t really hungry when I try to feed her. Help! So again how long are naps and does that mean youre not feeding her when they wake up from naps but letting them stay awake for a while before feeding them ? Thanks!!


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