Brinley Toddler Summary {22 Months Old}

22 month old toddler schedule and routine. Toddler schedule for 21.5-22 months old – get a toddler routine and learn about daily life. Learn about toddlers struggling with nap time, teething, and more!

22 month old Brinley laying in bed with her Elmo stuffed animal

She hasn’t ever seen Elmo, but that doesn’t stop her
from completely loving him.

This is a summary for Brinley from 21.5-22 months old.


Sleep is going well. Brinley sometimes would be upset for a few minutes when I put her down for a nap. I started to read her stories before nap and that 100 percent and immediately stopped her being upset. Reading before nap is something I always did with Brayden, but stopped with my other girls because having other children, I need to be able to make nap time routine be a fast thing. She loves having her stories, though, and it makes it so she is not upset at all to stop her playing and head off to nap. 

Remember how I have been testing her limits on her flexibility on nap times? She is quite flexible, but I have found her limits at times. I am now trying to be very consistent since summer is here just so when I need her to be flexible, she is not already in a sleep deficit. Remember the analogy to the rubber band on flexibility–you can only be flexible if you are returning to a location. You stretch and return. If you don’t have a starting point and are constantly stretched in different directions, you snap. 

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Eating is going well. 


Playing is also going well. 


Brinley has this eczema patch on her face that will NOT go away. I have been doing all of the tricks I have known and loved for the last five years and it is not working. We bought the Aveeno Eczema lotion to try. Things help it get smaller and better, but I can’t get it to 100% heal.

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Her teeth are STILL coming in. The first one broke through. I feel so bad for her and her stubborn gums that won’t just cut teeth. You can see them pushing and bulging. She likes to pick up her teething necklace and chew on it–well, she actually snapped one bead in half today! She did it while I was holding her (luckily). She spit it right out into my hand. I guess it removes any question I have ever had about “is this safe to sleep in?” Apparently not.

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Girls have a special ability to totally fake the emotions. It is amazing to watch her turn it on and turn it off on a dime. 


I was thinking about her spot in the family and how she really lives a very charmed life. She gets to have all of these people doting on her, helping her, playing with her, and just being around her. She has it good. But then I flashed forward to her teenage years when it is just her at home–we will see how charmed it seems then. It might be quite boring for her :).


We own a lot of stuffed animals at our house. Brinley likes to go around, find new stuffed animals and make a home for them in her bed. She is slowly collecting. I was that way as a child, too, so I totally get it. 


8:15–wake up. Eat breakfast (fruit, cereal, and milk)
Get ready. Clean with mom.
10:00 Independent Playtime.
11:30 Play
12:00 Lunch.
Play with McKenna.
1:00–Nap starts
4:00-4:30–wake up. Snack. Play.
7:30–Sippy of milk, then bedtime. In bed by 8:00.



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13 thoughts on “Brinley Toddler Summary {22 Months Old}”

  1. Have you tried applying borage oil to the eczema? It seems to be helping my daughter…also cutting out egg whites may be helping, it seems she is okay with dairy…

  2. Egg whites? I have not heard of that. I thought those were supposed to be the healthy part of the egg :). I haven't tried the oil, I will try it. Thanks!

  3. The Aveeno Eczema lotion you mentioned is the best. If that doesn't work, it must be tough! I feel you on the teething. My little girl is just now getting her last two 2-year molars in. They are really giving her a hard time. I will be so glad when this is over…then it's a nice LONG break from teething! 🙂 I'm also interested to see when you start potty training Brinley. It's in our near future! 🙂

  4. A topical solution might be enough, but if that doesn't work, I would look into diet. From personal experience with our 3 year old and from that of other friends' kids, I know that food sensitivities, esp. gluten, cause exema. Just a suggestion if nothing else works … All the best!

  5. Stephanie–I am not sure on the potty training. I really don't like to do it until the child can take their own pants down and get on the toilet themselves (little potty is fine). I did McKenna at 2.5 and liked that age, so that is my tentative plan. Every time I go potty, she sits on her potty chair, wipes, and then washes her hands. But she has yet to really pee 🙂

  6. Erice, do you think it could be diet when it is just one spot on her face? She has no other signs of it anywhere else on the body. I wondered about diet, but I figured it would likely be more of an all over body issue if it was diet.

  7. My son's pediatrician recommended basic vasoline for his eczema. It's been the best thing I've tried, and has definitely helped it go away.


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