Brinley Toddler Summary {31.5 Months Old}

The obsession with play doh is going strong

This is a summary for Brinley from 31-31.5 months old.



Sleeping is great. The time change happened about halfway through this time period. We couldn’t do any prep since we are bound by school schedules. She did awesome! She has adjusted well. 


With naps, she is very pleasant to go down if I get her down earlier–around 1:30. I don’t like 1:30, though, since McKenna hasn’t been home from school long at that point. I like 2:00 just to give them more time to play. But by 2, she often gets upset when it is time to go. She is good once she is in the room and we are reading stories. I am not sure if I will shoot for 1:30 or deal with an upset toddler at 2. Her nap is fine either way. It is just the pre-nap attitude that changes. 



She is doing so much better about not getting down during meals. She still tries it sometimes, but it isn’t 200 times per meal (exaggeration, but it was that frustrating). So improvement. 



Playtime is wonderful! A fun thing about Brinley is that she loves to play with everything. She likes the doll toys, the animal toys, and even the boy toys. She really plays with all of the types of toys we have. She does have a special love for “houses.” Little People are a huge hit because she likes the “house” that comes with it (the house, the barn, etc.). She will put any little toy in the houses, though. And we must not forget her favorite thing to do at the moment–play doh. Her favorite.



Brinley sits on the potty after every bath. She didn’t ever go, though she does think that passing gas is using the potty. 



Brinley is breaking her top 2 year molars. She is being a little grumpier than usual, but not terrible. It is really hardly noticeable. She is not being as rough as she was a couple of months ago. I am so glad! 



I have said it many times, but two year olds are just my favorite! I love the crazy things they say as they try to figure out the world. One morning as we at breakfast, Brinley said, “Hey! You have a crab in your smoodie.” Thinking I heard her wrong, I said, “I have a crab in my smoothie?” “Yes!” She replied. Then she scrunched up her eyes, tilted her head, and stated, “That’s weird.” She says something hilarious at least every hour. I really enjoy spending my days with her.



This is her typical daily schedule.


8:45 AM–Wake up/Breakfast

9:15 AM–Get ready

10:00 AM–TV time

10:30 AM–Independent Playtime

11:45 AM–Help get lunch ready/hang out with me doing stuff

12:15 PM–Lunch

12:45 PM–Learning Activity

1:00 PM–Sibling play with McKenna

1:30/2:00 PM–Nap

4:30/5:00 PM–Wake up and Free Playtime

5:30 PM–Dinner

6:00 PM–Family Time

7:30 PM–Get Ready for Bed

8:00 PM–Bedtime



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2 thoughts on “Brinley Toddler Summary {31.5 Months Old}”

  1. I love toddlers too, they are so much fun and so fascinated by life. They amaze me at how quickly they learn too.Love looking at the schedule. My daughters schedule is similar but she takes a two hour nap and daddy doesn't get home till after she is in bed so family time doesnt happen. If you had an extra two hours to fill in your day with a two year old and one year old, what would you add in to your schedule? I'm looking for some ideas for my kiddos.Thanks Jerusha

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