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How The Babywise Mom Discovered Babywise

Read all about how Valerie Plowman, the Babywise mom, discovered Babywise. What led her to use and love the baby sleep method for her babies. I was pretty sure I… View Post

Babywise Mom Recommendations

  Being a seasoned mom with four children and many years of experience, I have a list of kid toys and items I would buy again and again. I have… View Post

Which is Best: High Back or Backless Booster Car Seats?

  This post is brought to you by    When your child outgrows the harnessed car seat, it’s time for an upgrade. Boosters are essential safety devices that position… View Post

Happy Thanksgiving (and some posts for you to read)

Happy Thanksgiving week to you! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the United States. I will be hosting a meal tomorrow, then attending a meal Saturday and another meal Sunday. So… View Post

Shopping for Sporty Infant Wear Online

This post is in partnership with Baby Fans. Choosing the ideal present for parents-to-be can be a challenge.  They already may have received necessities like a bassinet, diapers, bottles, a… View Post

New Blog Look!

This past month, the local Walmart got a total face-lift and update. I figured if Walmart needs a face-lift, my blog could use one, too. It was put on my… View Post

Goodness Bee Eczema Balm {Giveaway}

For several years, Goodness Bee has done a giveaway on this blog for their amazing eczema balm. It is time again to do a giveaway for this cream!    … View Post