Poll Discussion: Weaning from Breast

It is very helpful for me when compiling answers if you at least number the answers you give. You can also copy the questions and answer them. If the question… View Post

Surviving Weaning from Breast and/or Bottle

Our latest surviving question is how do you survive the weaning process, whether from breast or bottle? Breast Relieve Engorgement: If you get engorged, take steps to relieve it. Cabbage,… View Post

Poll Results: Nursing Strikes

You can find the original answers here. If you breastfed, did baby ever have a nursing strike? (a time when baby refuses to eat?) Yes: 6 No: 1 Did the… View Post

Poll Discussion: Nursing Strikes

A nursing strike is very stressful for both mom and baby. I always like to try to do polls that can provide helpful information for people facing hard situations who… View Post

Nursing Strikes

Breastfeeding really can be stressful enough without baby going on a “nursing strike.” As a breastfeeding mom, you can often find yourself wondering if your baby is getting enough food… View Post

Lip-Tie and Tongue-Tie {Guest Post}

image source Today I asked Lacey to write a post explaining what a tongue-tie is in a baby and how it can affect nursing. When fellow Babywise mom Lacey had… View Post

Brinley Baby Summary: 46 Weeks Old

During our Babywise Success Stories Week, I wanted to add in Brinley summaries. It has been a while, and her summaries are great success stories 🙂 This summary is for… View Post