These posts help you figure out how to give consequences to your child (or allow the natural consequences to happen). Find ideas for what are good consequences, especially great logical consequences.

Natural Consequences vs. Grace

  One of the swiftest ways to get your child to change behavior is to have consequences in place and to stick to those consequences. It seems simple when you… View Post

Love and Logic Magic: Allow For Mistakes

As a society as a whole, at least in the United States, we have adopted a mentality that mistakes are bad. We don’t like to admit our mistakes or the… View Post

Benefits of Teaching Consequences

Love and Logic Magic is a book all about teaching your children (ages birth to age 6) about consequences. In chapter one, Fay talks about the benefits of learning to… View Post

Logical Consequences: What Was Mis-Used

On Becoming Preschoolwise has a list of different tools of correction for your little preschooler, including logical consequences.   Some parents do not have minds that naturally flow into the… View Post

Logical Consequences: Saying “no” When Given Direction

image source “No!” Aahhh. A favorite word among toddlers. A frustrating word among parents. Many parents are thrown off when their sweet child one day responds “no!” when told to… View Post

Logical Consequences: Hitting and Biting

Our next area of concern for logical consequences can really be a tough one, and one that can spur lots of controversy among parents. Scenario #4: Hitting and Biting Hitting… View Post

Logical Consequences: Throwing Toys

Let’s continue on with how I would discipline for various situations. Scenario #3: Throwing toys. Throwing toys – my 15 month old angel is getting such a kick out of… View Post