As your child gets older, you need to allow your child have more freedoms without giving too many freedoms. Read these posts to understand the funnel.

How to Keep Siblings in the Funnel

How to parent more than one child and keep rules and privileges age appropriate for each child. Keep children in the funnel. To parent inside the funnel means that you… View Post

How to Teach a Child How to Make Decisions

How to Teach a Child How to Make Decisions. How to set your child up for success to make informed decisions and accept the consequences of those decisions. This is… View Post

Commanding Obedience within Reason

  Kaitlyn and I recently read The Little Prince together. As we were reading along, there were a lot of gems of wisdom throughout that I saw differently now that I am… View Post

How to Set Boundaries

Last week, we talked about why you set boundaries with your children. As a quick review, we set boundaries to protect health and safety, and to guide morals. But just how… View Post

Constantly Needing to Correct the Child

Shortly before my third child was born, I wrote a post on Siblings and the Funnel. In it, I cautioned parents against allowing younger siblings the same freedoms as the older… View Post

Fine Balance of Protecting Children

  As parents, we really, really want to protect our children. Fiercely. We don’t want them hurt physically, emotionally, nor mentally. Because of this, we often worry about letting our… View Post

Too Many Freedoms

Last week, I discussed being wise in your own eyes (see Wise In Your Own Eyes). This week I will discuss how having too many freedoms leads to this.  … View Post