Growing a garden has many benefits. It teaches great work ethic. It provides many opportunities for learning for your child and for spiritual lessons. It also provides delicious food for your family.

Growing Zucchini {Watch My Garden Grow Series}

    Zucchini has got to be one of the easiest, if not the easiest, things to grow in the garden. If you know someone who grows zucchini, chances are… View Post

Growing a Garden

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Watch My Garden Grow: July 2014 Journal

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Growing Beans {Watch My Garden Grow Series}

  Green beans are one of the easiest things you can grow in your garden. They are also quite easy to can, so if you want to grow a bunch,… View Post

Watch My Garden Grow: June 2014 Journal

May 31, 2014 Here is the update on the garden. You can see May’s photos here.   Peas I gave a basic run down in how to grow peas here. The… View Post

Growing Tomatoes {Watch My Garden Grow Series}

Tomatoes. Mmmmmmmm….. Garden tomatoes are absolutely amazing. Absolutely. So amazing, in fact, that I just don’t buy tomatoes from the grocery store. I can’t do it. Even in winter. I… View Post

Watch My Garden Grow: May 2014 Journal

Here is a garden update on items growing in my garden as of early May 2014. I added a quite a bit this last weekend. {Peas, Spinach, Lettuce, Onions, Carrots,… View Post