Watch My Garden Grow: June 2014 Journal

May 31, 2014

Here is the update on the garden. You can see May’s photos here.



I gave a basic run down in how to grow peas here. The peas are blossoming! We should be eating peas in a couple of weeks.

Date Planted: March 18, 2014

May 3–the last you saw


May 31


I am posting the how to grow beans post tomorrow, so watch for that. Here they are thinned (the first row):


Date: May 13 for row 1. May 31 for row 2.

May 31



I gave the basic rundown of how to grow carrots here. The carrots have been thinned and are growing well. They look more like real carrot tops now.


Date Planted: April 2014




May 2–the last time you saw it
May 31


We are planting a lot of corn this year. We plan to can it. Here is the first blade of corn coming up.


Date Planted: May 14, 2014 for row 1. May 31 for all remaining corn.




I gave the basic run down on how to grow lettuce here. We have been eating lettuce like crazy. 


Date Planted: March 18, 2014

May 2–the last photo you saw


May 31. This is after making many, many salads



I gave the basic rundown of how to grow onions here. The onions are blossoming. 


Date Planted: March 29, 2014

May 2, the last time you saw it


May 31


Here are the peppers. We have removed the wall-o-waters off of them and have put up the pepper supports. I find the supports are very helpful for preventing the plants from tipping over once they are full of fruit.


Date Planted: May 3, 2014



I gave the basic rundown on how to grow spinach here. You can see the bigger plant from my first planting and the smaller plants from my second. The date planted really makes a difference!


Date Planted: March 18, 2014


May 2–the last time you saw it.


May 31


I planted 3 zucchini seeds. I have picked the other 2 and left this one to grown. One plant is more than enough for one family! More than enough for several families, really. 


Date Planted: May 3, 2014

May 31, 2014


I gave the basic rundown on how to grow tomatoes here. These are the tomatoes with their wall-o-waters off and the cages up. 


Date Planted: May 3, 2014 (from starts–little plants)


May 31, 2014. All along behind the tomatoes (the left side of the picture) is going to be corn


What is missing?

My Jack-be-little pumpkin seeds did not germinate. I will have to buy a start of the plant and plant that. I am not sure why it didn’t germinate. The seeds could be too old (they are as old as Kaitlyn) or they could have not gotten enough water. 


Things to Note

Once my seeds come up, I put down Preen and then we cover that with grass clippings. That is the mulch we use. Preen prevents weeds. Mulch prevents weeds, keeps plants warm, and keeps the ground moist. There are places I don’t do grass. I don’t like it by my lettuce because more moist=slugs and slugs love to eat lettuce. I also don’t do it by my beans because the beans have this fine hair all over them and the grass sticks to it like crazy, making cleaning them before eating super, super time consuming. This is our first year not doing the mulch by the grass, so we will see how that goes.


Working in the garden


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